Monday, May 20, 2019
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Letter From Yaounde To Buea 

Dear Mballa,

I didn’t want to bother you with many issues since we are all under the assault of “rentree scolaire’’.
Many people who didn’t prepare have become “philosophers’’. They move in solitude and talk to themselves.

They are gradually becoming mental patients. But who is responsible for their predicaments, Mola? Is it our fault that they did not work hard to become members of the plutocracy who all seem in opulence?

In order not to obfuscate the matter, let me take exception to your rage¬-inspired pleonasm. I wonder how you could crush the prince in you with such dishonour.

The minatory remarks of all those who are bent on gaoling the activists are, to say the least, suicidal. They will pay dearly for their overzealousness when the chips finally come down.

The arguments they pose are mind-numbing because they have no iota of logic. Despite the obloquy that it has attracted, the hangmen of despotism seem to be determined to continue with their series of provocations until the palaver swells to Boko Haram proportions.

I prefer not to talk about the nocturnal meeting at Fuil the other day. I hear the kadiye was bullied, intimidated and told to cut his arrogance to size or face the music of a bloodless coup.

All those who had all along been pretending to love the man more than their wives, came out in their real colours and told the man to stop taking them for granted.

By the way, how can you ever rock the boat of the statusquo when your primary motive is to amass as much wealth as possible at the expense of the general good?

Leaders should not be arrogant and rude to the extent of treating colleagues as if every one of them is his house boy or house girl.

A strong wind is blowing and the romp of the soapbox fowl will be seen any moment from now.
Mbella, let there be regional balance in the virtuous act of embezzlement.

That is why tollgates must be erected between K-town and Bayangi. Let Anglophone embezzlers on the other side of the Mongolo also benefit from what their frog counterparts have been enjoying.

They should be smart enough to print their own tickets so that they can fully do the maintenance of the numerous national roads in their stomachs.

They should not bother about the degrading nature of the roads out here. They should just buy their four wheel drive cars so that they can brave the potholes.

When potholes are wrecking the small cars of commoners, they should drive-past with all arrogance and look at them scornfully as if they were living on a different planet.

In such a situation, they must be very obsessional about self-aggrandisement. They should be getting every little coin from the wretched of the earth and use them to swell their billions.

I hear many of you out there gossip that Saul has gone home once more. We should not complain but rather pray the Holy Spirit to enable him visit us soon. One of the unique characteristics of this country is that it has a visiting Igwe.

When I talk about the Holy Spirit I do so with uncertainty because it looks like there are many holy spirits.

Perharps, the kind that told the “pastor’’ in Kedjorm to jostle into the Jerusalem of two sisters and put them in the family way.

That was certainly the holy spirit of immorality and fornication. There was another “man of God’ who claimed that the Holy Spirit asked him to divorce his lawful wedded wife and get married to “une fille’android” in Yaounde.

What kind of Holy Spirit is that?

Let the conmen and women of this god business stop their blasphemy. They are the hoodoo of all the ill-luck ailing the nation

Your sincerely,


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