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13-Year-Old Boy Lured Into Homosexuality 

By Victor Ngayinkfu*

A young holiday maker in Yaounde (whose name we are withholding) has been reportedly introduced to homosexual practices, by a suspected business tycoon.

Neighbours of the 13-year-old boy were shocked in the morning of Monday, August 17, when they heard shrieks from the residence of his uncle. It was not long before the neighbourhood and passers-by gathered at the compound of his uncle, a middle-aged motor-taxi rider, at the Fébé Village neighbourhood in Yaounde. The teenager, sitting on the floor, with a compact DVD-walkman lying between his legs was trying hard to answer the multitude of questions thrown at him from all angles.

Simultaneously, both the uncle and his young wife were also granting what looked like a press conference to curious onlookers, so keen in getting whatever detail they could from the reported homosexual mishap that had befallen their family.

 "I’m finished! I’m finished…!" exclaimed the motor-taxi rider’s wife. "My God, why me of all people?" she lamented. The boy’s uncle narrated to the crowd that: "My nephew started behaving strangely for the last two weeks or so. When I tried to find out what the matter was, he always found an excuse to convince me that all was well. This morning, my wife called my attention to the fact that she had discovered an unusual sum of money in the house," recounted the uncle.

When he was interrogated on the source of the money, he first claimed it was from groundnut proceeds he has been selling this holiday. But the sum was too much to convince his uncle it was made from mere groundnut selling. So the uncle had to resort to the rod, so as not to spoil the child. Only then did the boy speak out, astonishing the uncle and his young wife, with startling revelations.

According to the youth, the affair with this unknown partner started early last July, when he went out with his tray of groundnut. The predator, believed to be a business tycoon, according to descriptions given by the boy, on that faithful day, called him and bought groundnuts for FCFA 100. The boy then explained how the suspect, fondly called Tonton, handed to him FCFA 1000. When the boy complained of not having coins to reimburse him, Tonton asked him not to bother, but to bring his balance at the same spot the following day.

According to the youngster’s story, the next day being a Sunday, he arrived at the rendezvous spot and met Tonton, waiting, dressed in a jogging outfit. He offered the change, but was asked by Tonton to keep it, as a reward for being honest. Tonton then offered to buy the whole tray of groundnuts.

Not only did he get a bonus of FCFA 900, on a Sunday morning, when business is usually difficult, but the enigmatic customer offered to double the price of the tray of groundnuts. Tonton asked the young groundnut seller to accompany him to his car. At the car, the boy delivered the commodity and collected his money. This situation reportedly continued for quite some time, until Tonton started taking out the young holiday maker, once they became acquainted. "Tonton was very friendly to me. We used to eat lots of biscuits in his car.

At times he would give me juice to drink. Then I will feel like sleeping. He will start driving, and by the time I wake up, I will feel pains around my lower abdomen. Tonton would explain to me that it was because of the bad food I eat in our house. He will give me some tablets, and then when I feel stronger, he will drop me at Fébé Village, not far from the spring. He gave me a lot of money, and last Sunday, he gave me this DVD player," the young man went on, pointing at the walkman on the floor.

The naïve victim of the marauding homosexual was made to give the best description of the unknown Tonton, and the mark of the vehicle he drives in. "I used to watch cartoons at the back of his large Pajero car. He told me that if I continue to be his friend, he shall open for me a big store – to keep me away from selling groundnuts," he recounted. "He also told me he had many shops in Douala," the boy went on.

Quizzed on whether he had any idea of where Tonton used to take him to, he responded that each time before they took off, Tonton would serve him with some juice, which made him dizzy.
With no headway through the complex situation, the onlookers advised the uncle to take the teenager to a hospital; as well as report the matter to competent authorities for investigation. While the family of the young groundnut-selling holiday maker prepares to take him for medical check-up, Tonton remains at large, apparently preying on potential victims.

(ASMAC Journalism Student On Internship)

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