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19 Bui Villages Receive Medical Equipment From US 

By Chris Mbunwe

Members of the Bui Family Union, BFU, in America, in collaboration with MED-SHARE and theNso Cultural and Development Association, NSODA, on May 27, donated medical equipment to all the hospitals and health centres in Bui Division.

Congratulating the President of BFU for travelling with the medical equipment from the USA to Bui, the President General of NSODA, Stephen Nformi Ndzerem Njodzeka, said the two organisations have two visions, namely; “Bottom line broad-based participatory approach and sustainable development in transparency, which aims at improving the lives of our people back at home. It entails grassroots participation.”

He said the synergy between NSODA and BFU-USA comprises of a vision aimed at building formidable bridges between the people at home and the Diasporas for better living conditions of the people and the development of the society.
He observed that Bui people are very resourceful and have the opportunity to build a strong and united lobbying umbrella union, while maintaining the association of each Fondom.

“NSODA’s new vision is to build a strong partnership with the Government of our country and State institutions,” he said, while paying tributes to Shey Yungri, who volunteered his services with MED-SHARE on behalf of the BFU-USA to enable the project commence.

He equally thanked the current President of BFU-USA, Dr. Christian Bime, for devoting himself and the entire executive to the project.

The NSODA President General called on other sons and daughters of Bui to desist from destructive criticism.
“We should close our ears to those who will never see the glass as half full, but empty. Their futile mission is to discourage you from making sacrifices for your community,” Ndzerem stated.

On behalf of the elite, Fidelis Fonyuy Bernsah, Northwest Regional Chief of Centre for Taxation, who doubles as Mayor of Biame Council, told the President of BFU-USA that they will remain grateful because the gesture is the first in the history of Bui people.

“Through this philanthropic act, we have learned a great lesson that, with our numbers, our intelligence, our honesty, our humility and above all our solidarity, we can do great things for our land.

We should never be like in the past when we waited for the Fonlons, the Shangs, the Tatahs, the Verdzekovs, the Lafons, the Sakahs, Kilos, BB Wirnkars, Nsahlais and many others to move to the world beyond before realising how blessed we were having them,” Fonyuy averred.

The Fon of Nso, Fon Shem Mbinglo I, appreciated the gifts and gave Dr.Bime a traditional title, a bag, cap and royal gown to empower him to bring more things from US to Bui.

Bui SDO, Theophile Nseka, said the medical supplies will get to all 19 villages where there are hospitals and health centres and even Shisong Hospital that harbours the cardiac centre and the Banso Baptist Hospital.
“All Sub-divisions, Nkor, Oku, Mbiame, Jakiri, Nkum and others are all here, this demonstrates the unity amongst you,”the SDO said.

He said when he visited the BFU in US last December during their convention; he met a determined people who are bent on improving the lives of their people back home, not those who think only of their families.
According to Dr. Bime, the association was created some 27years ago with a core mission to enhance socio-cultural development at home from their meagre contributions.

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