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19-year-old Boy Butchered In Ndop 

Chafeh in his hey days

Chafeh in his hey days

A teenager by name Ernest Chafeh was reportedly butchered, August 25, by another boy at Messi Quarter in Bamunka, Ndop.

The 24-year-old alleged to be a marijuana smoker, reportedly hacked Chafeh before vanishing into thin air.

Eyewitnesses told The Post that Chafeh left home on August 23 at about 8:00 pm, sent by his father to buy him cigarettes and never returned. Chafeh’s family became worried and raised an alarm. A search by family, friends and security personnel proved fruitless.

Early Tuesday morning, Chafeh’s elder brother stormed the suspect’s room and found what he described as very catastrophic: Chafeh’s body was cut to pieces with some parts missing.

Chafeh’s brother reportedly raised an alarm, which drew a crowd to the scene, but the young man who lived in the room was nowhere to be found. Police later arrested all the residents in the compound for interrogation.

It was reported that the suspect, who butchered Chafeh was caught after a man-hunt.

It is alleged that Chafeh’s assailant had become notorious in Messi for have sex with pigs. Once he was caught and the population decided to apply mob justice on him but he narrowly escaped death.

He was rescued from the hands of an angry crowd. His parents, who were called to the scene, are said to have taken him to a pastor for deliverance.

By Albert Mbunwe

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