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2 Feared Dead, Thousands Flee As Troops Raid Muyuka 

By Maxcel Fokwen

Two or more people are feared dead following a surprise military crackdown in the villages of Bafia and Munyenge in Muyuka Subdivision of the Southwest Region on Sunday, November 12, that sent thousands scampering into cocoa farms.

The crackdown comes after village gangs used the current social tension in the two English-speaking Regions of Cameroon to ruin community life.

Eyewitnesses told The Post that at least 37 military vehicles loaded with security forces invaded the Subdivision.

The forces reportedly touched down on the two villages in the late hours of Saturday, November 11.Thus, in the early hours of Sunday, a house-to-house search was conducted across the villages.

In Bafia, accounts hold that owners of guns without justified documents were arrested.

A host of other villagers who could not identify themselves were equally picked up.

A villager recounted to The Post that the forces searched property ofeven women and ransacked some.
There are those who claimed relations were arrested even after theyshowed identity cards.

Alleged Killings In Munyenge

It is alleged that some persons were gunned down in Muyenge. Persons The Post spoke to gave varying figures. Sometalked of two deaths, while others talked of five deaths.

At press time, The Post could not independently confirm the figures.

Accounts point to the fact that a group of youths attempted to attack the security forces with locally fabricated guns.

Informant Triggers Escape

A villager who refused to be named told The Post that before the forces entered the villages,informants in Buea leaked news of the crackdown.This triggered the night escape of thousands of villagers into hiding.In some cases, families escaped together.

Around 2.00pmsame day, such persons who had escaped into the farms startedreturning home.
Another villager said even at night, frightening reports of some forces coming to the farms sent him moving from one cocoa oven to another.

A majority of villagers told The Post that the intervention was timely because a notorious village gang had become a thorn on their flesh.

Two days back, the gang attacked a family and made away with FCFA 2.5 million, which was money from a njangi group. The couple had offered something lesser than that to the thieves, but they refused to leave without the amount demanded.

The villagers expressed hope that the rule of law and the vibrancy of thecocoa-powered economy of these villages will regain steam.

Gangs Resurface, Mount Roadblocks

A few minutes after 3.00pm on Sunday, some members of the gang in Bafia resurfaced and mounted their usual barricades, insisting that they were going to continue their operations of imposing their control over the villages.