Thursday, November 22, 2018
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2 Gunmen Open Fire On Police Patrol, Wound 1 

By Chris Mbunwe

Two yet unidentified gunmen reportedly opened fire on a police patrol van around the Bamenda Food Market in the wee hours of Sunday, November 19, wounding one policeman.

The wounded police officer was immediately rushed to the Bamenda Regional Hospital where the bullets lodged into him were extracted.

According to police sources, the unidentified gunmen vanished into thin air after shooting at the patrol van.

Meantime, continues gun shots were heard that night for about three hours and, thereafter, riot police went wild, arresting and beating people who were out for keep-fit sports and even people who were going to church that morning.

Police brutality at the Bamenda Food Market that Sunday morning was high. Food items on sale were smashed and stubborn commuters were bundled off to the Bamenda Congress Hall where they were serious lashed before release.

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