Thursday, October 29, 2020
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2 Ugandan Pastors Perish In Eseka Train Disaster 

By Yerima Kini Nsom

Late Rev. Nathan and Rev. Necodemus

Late Rev. Nathan and Rev. Necodemus

The church in Uganda, East Africa, is in shock, following the demise of two of its pastors in the October 21 train accident in Eseka.

After learning of the sad incident, church leaders in Uganda despatched an envoy to come and see things for themselves.

The two men of God, Rev. Pastor Nathan Tumwine, leader of the Restoration of Nations to Christ Mission in Mbarara, in western Uganda, and Rev. Pastor Nicodemus Nuwasoma of the Word Trumpet Mission, had been in Cameroon for three weeks.

According to one of their collaborators in Cameroon, Rev. Pastor Benjamin Kisso, the duo was on their way to an evangelical mission in Douala when the tragedy struck.

The two pastors were among hundreds of victims that succumbed to the train accident.

Going by the National Coordinator of the Campus Crusade for Christ, Rev. Kenedy Nsom, the late pastors were expected to travel back to Uganda on October 30.

He said they have successfully identified the corpse of Rev. Nathan Tumwine at the Yaounde Military Hospital mortuary, but the corpse of Rev. Nicodemus Nuwasoma at the Yaounde Central Hospital has been the apple of discord between them and one family that also lost a son in the accident.

To him, such a situation was further swelling the trauma they were going through for the loss of their colleagues. With a melancholy-stricken voice, Rev. Nsom said the late pastors have left behind two widows and 15 children.

Rev. Tumwine leaves behind nine children, while his colleague, Rev. Nuwasoma leaves six.
The Post learnt that the two Ugandan pastors were in Cameroon to share a vision they had about Cameroon with church leaders in the country.

According to Pastor Nsom, their vision bordered on the spiritual emptiness of church leaders in Cameroon. He said the Cameroonian church leaders they saw in their vision, are people who have turned away from God.

“They are building their own kingdoms instead of uniting people in search of the kingdom of God. They say the things that people want to hear instead of what God is saying.

They have fallen headlong to the god of money, not the God that has raised them.

They tie themselves to particular denominations in order to make money instead of preaching the true word of God,” Rev. Nsom lamented.

Further making allusion to the vision and prophecy of the late pastors, he warned: “The church in Cameroon needs to repent and ask for revival between now and December 2017 or face the wrath of God”.

If the church in Cameroon ignores this message, he admonished, God will punish the country with a leader that will be as wicked as the former Ugandan dictator, Idi Amin.

The late Ugandan pastors were in Cameroon for the second time. When they came the first time, they said they had only come to see the country they had a vision about.

When they came for the second time, they said they had come to reveal their vision to church leaders in Cameroon.

Some church leaders in Yaounde organised a funeral service for the late pastors at the premises of the Campus Crusade for Christ at the Biyem-Assi neighbourhood in Yaounde on October 24.

The Eseka accident has left everlasting scars in many families in Cameroon and abroad. One woman, who only sustained injuries, lost her triplets in the accident.

The Post learnt that the woman gave birth to the children after over 25 years of a childless marriage. One other victim, a young girl who lived at the Mbankolo neighbourhood in Yaounde also perished in the accident.

According to one of her neighbours, she was pregnant for the first time and was going to break the good news to her husband in Douala.

Given the chaotic manner in which the passengers boarded the train, the identification of corpses has been a very big problem.

That is why traumatised relatives are moving from one hospital to the other in search of corpses of their loved ones.

The authorities have announced that all unidentified corpses have been kept at a mortuary at Ekounou.