Friday, September 25, 2020
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2,000 Mayors, Gov’t Delegates Receive Salary Arrears 

By Yerima Kini Nsom

Close to 2000 mayors, Deputy Mayors plus Government Delegates and their deputies have received salaries for the first time.

According to sources at the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Decentralisation, MINATD, the officials received three-month salary arrears in their accounts last weekend.

The payment is the main provision of presidential decree No 2015/405 of September 16, 2015 fixing modalities for the remuneration of council officials.

The decree makes it clear that only council officials who were not earning a salary elsewhere are eligible for remuneration. This explains why some council officials did not go to justify their need for salaries before the follow-up committee for the remuneration of council officials.

The committee validated only 900 out of the 1,305 files that were being awaited.

The payment is also the trickle-down of the Prime Ministerial decree which stipulates that FCFA 3 billion of the FCFA 10 billion 2017 budget of the National Decentralisation Fund will be devoted for the payment of salaries of council officials.

Council officials have lauded such a development, saying if the process of decentralisation were really effective, it would be illogical for council officials to manage huge sums of money without a salary.

But Julius Peters Tohmutain, Deputy Mayor of Njinikom Council in Boyo Division, Northwest Region, says that he was yet to receive a dime in his bank account. Tohmutain told The Post on Wednesday April 5 that he duly submitted his file on July 21, 2016 to the Senior Divisional Officer, SDO, of Boyo for onward transmission to Yaounde.

He said he only got it from the media that some salary arrears of council officials have been paid.

Many other mayors The Post contacted said they had not yet noticed any positive changes in their bank accounts.

The Mayor of Eseka in the Centre Region, Jean Rene Liboh, told The Post that he was yet to receive the salary arrears.

The Mayor of Ngomedzap, Tobias Ndzie Mveng, and the Deputy Mayor of Mbankomo, Jean Fouda Ottou, in the Centre Region, also said they are yet to receive the money in their bank accounts.

Going by the 2015 presidential decree, a Government Delegate will have a monthly salary of FCFA 400.000 and their deputies will receive FCFA 200.000. Mayors and deputies will have a monthly remuneration of FCFA 250.000 and FCFA 150.000 each respectively.

In tandem with the three-month salary arrears said to have been paid to their council officials, each Government Delegate will take a total of FCFA 1.2 million. Their deputies will bag FCFA 600.000 while, Mayors will grab FCFA 750.000 each. Deputy Mayors will bag a total of FCFA 450.000 each.

Besides their salaries, the council officials have sitting and other allowances to enable them do decent work.