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2018 Presidential: Troops Stop ‘Man-of-God’ From Declaring Candidature 

Troops Stop ‘Man-of-God’ From Declaring Candidature
– But Prophet Frank of Kingship International Ministries declares to run
– Says God Has Mandated Him To Be Cameroon’s Next President
By Joe Dinga Pefok

Policemen and gendarmes,April 28, fired teargas at the National President of the National Programme for Peace in Cameroon, NPPC party, Frankline Afanwi Ndifor, at Stade Cité CICAM in Douala, where an official launching of the party was programmed.

Frankline Afanwi Ndifor who is popularly known as Prophet Frank, is also the leader of one of the biggest Pentecostal Churches in Cameron known as Kingship International Ministries, whose country head office is located at Bonaberi, Douala.

On that scheduled day, April 28, of the launching of NPPC, its National President, Prophet Frank, members of the National Executive Bureau as well as regional representatives, first gathered at the party’s headquarters at Bonaberi, Douala IV Municipality. The party officialslater left in a long convoy led by over 100 motorcycle riders, for the venue of the party launch at ‘Stade Cité CICAM’ in Douala V Municipality, where some 2,000 NPPC militants and sympathisers had already gathered.

DO Refuses To Explain Reason For Action
When the NPPC convoy arrived at Stade Cité CICAM, the officials were embarrassed to see that part of the stadium had been invaded by dozens of armed policemen and gendarmes.Also present was the DO of Douala V, Zachaeus Bakoma Elango as well as some senior police and gendarmerie officers, including two police superintendents.
As soon as Prophet Frank stepped out of his vehicle, the troops fired a barrage of teargas canisters at him. The DO, Bakoma Elango, who had issued an authorisation to NPPC to hold the event, did not even bother to explain why he had led troops to invade the venue. In the midst of the confusion following the firing of the tear gas at Prophet Frank,his private security guards swiftly got him back into his vehicle that zoomed off. The DO and the security forces then ordered all the NPPC militants to pack their chairs and leave the place.
When reporters met the DO to find out what was the problem, considering thatthe NPPC reportedly obtained authorisation for the event, he instead told them to go and ask Prophet Frank.

Prophet Frank Insists NPPC Respected The Law
At a press conference organised at the headquarters of NPPC in Bonaberi, on April 30, Prophet Frank, who was flanked by other members of the party’s National Executive Bureau and regional representatives, strongly rejected rumours that the party was not legalised, and also that they did not obtain authorisation for the April 28 event.

The Secretary General of NPPC, Georges Mebina Ngwano, presented to reporters a document dated September 23, 2017, legalising NPPC. The document was signed by the then Minister of Territorial Administration and Decentralisation, René Emmanuel Sadi. In the list of the pioneer members of the NationalExecutive Bureau that was used to legalise NPPC, Frankline Afanwi Ndifor (Prophet Frank), was an adviser. The National President of the party was Alain Bertin Lepalou.

The Secretary General further presented copies of the minutes of an extra ordinary meeting of the National Executive Bureau of NPPC, which held on March 9, 2018 at the party headquarters in Bonaberi, Douala. The lone item on the agenda of the meeting was the election of the National President of NPPC. This, the Secretary General explained, was due to the fact that the Pioneer National President was nominated and not elected.In the election, that took place on that March 9,AfanwiNdifor (Prophet Frank) reportedly won by landslide over Lepalou, to become the new National President of NPPC.

DO Issues Two Authorisations
The Secretary General of NPPC stressed that the DO, Bakoma Elango officially issued an authorisation for the launching of NPPC at Stade Cité CICAM on April 28. Drawing a line between the activities of Kingship International Ministries and NPPC Party, Prophet Frank intervened to state that he actually obtained two authorisations from the DO of Douala V. He presented the first authorisation which was issued in the name of Kingship International Ministries, for a two-day crusade on April 26 and 27 in Douala.

The second authorisation was issued in the name of NPPC, for the party’s launch on April 28. Prophet Frank insisted that they respected all what the law requires should be done for such an event. He said the party even informed Elections Cameroon, ELECAM, to send a team to the April 28 event for voter’s registration.

He said he was shocked to see the venue taken up by troops. He said he was embarrassed when the DO could not give any explanation for being there with troops. He said if the DO had informed him that he had taken a contrary decision to ban the NPPC event, he would have informed party officials, militants and sympathisers to quietly disperse.

I Am Not A Politician
Asked why a Man-of-God is getting involved in politics, Prophet Frank insisted that he is not a politician. Rather, he said that it is God that has, through a number of visions, mandated him to be the next President of Cameroon. Saying that he is thus simply obeying God’s directive, Prophet Frank officially declared his candidature for the 2018 Presidential election on the ticket of the NPPC.

Regarding the Anglophone Crisis, Prophet Frankmade it clear that he does not support the secession,but regretted the fact that the ongoing Anglophone Crisis which sparked off in 2016 as a result of the long neglected Anglophone Problem by the powers-that-be, was also allowed by the regime to escalate. He strongly condemned the frequent brutal killings of civilians as well as elements of the Cameroon military in the two Anglophone Regions of the country. He wept over the displacements of thousands of peace-loving Cameroonians in the two Anglophone Regions, due to the escalating crisis.
After declaring his candidature,he immediately presented his programme or NPPC programme for Cameroon, in severaldomains like the economy, education, job creation, health, infrastructures, the fight against corruption and embezzlement of public funds, the promotion of peaceful co-existence between Cameroonians, the encouragement of the thousands of Cameroonians experts outside the country to return home, equitable distribution of the country’s resources, and so on. He stressed for example the need for Government to work to provide Cameroon with a good business climate to attractboth local and foreign investors to create industries,as well as create jobs especially for the Cameroonian youths.

A New Cameroon
Prophet Frank said he has travelled to several countries in different parts of the World, and has seen how Governments work to develop those countries. But he said in Cameroon the CNU-turned-CPDM Government had since come to the limit of its ability or capacity to move Cameroon forward, and it is time the regime quits and gives room to new team, NPPC, to take Cameroon forward.

“As I said, I am not a politician. Politicians in general have failed this country. I come from a community of truth. NPPC is bringing truth. NPPC is bringing the type of leadership needed to salvage Cameroon, and move it forward. Yes, NPPC is bringing a new Cameroon,” Prophet Frank declared.
He stated that federalism is the best system of Government for Cameroon.