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24 US Congressmen Ask UN For Briefing On Anglophone Crisis 

By Basil K Mbuye

Secretary General of the United Nations, António Guterres

On October 17, some 24 US Congressmen made an appeal through Nikki Haley, US Representative to the United Nations, calling on the US Mission to the United Nations to hold a briefing on the Anglophone Crisis in the coming weeks.

The Congressmen believed that it is through the briefing that it will “enable this very active community to better understand the situation from the perspective of the United Nations Security Council and will help the community communicate better with their family members, businessmen, partners and friends back in Cameroon.”

In a letter on behalf of the Cameroon American Council, CAC, and Cameroonian Diaspora in New York, the Congressmen raised serious concerns like; mass arrests, internet shutdown and use of live ammunition to disperse protests and, diminishing freedoms of press.

These concerns, the members state, are strengthened in the US State Department’s 2016 Human Rights Report on Cameroon, which makes it clear that the Government has taken actions to undermine the equality of all citizens before the law.

It also pointed out CAC’s concern on the continuous deterioration for the English-speaking minority in the Southwest and Northwest Regions of Cameroon since the crisis started a year ago.

Calls have been made by the international community lately regarding efforts to find a solution to the Anglophone Crisis which has distabilised the once peaceful Cameroon.

“The confluence of these events poses unique threats to the stability of Cameroon and to United States’ interest in Cameroon,” reads part of the letter.

During the Cameroon Diaspora Forum that took place in Paris from October 13 – 15, participants also appealed to the international community to intervene in the crisis.

The letter also pointed out that, apart from the threats in the two Anglophone Regions, Cameroon is also facing humanitarian threats in other Regions. These are threats like Boko Haram and famine in the North, influx of refugees in the East of the country, which should be topics of discussion when the US Mission meets the
United Nations.

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