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25,000 Attend P Square Concert in Yaounde 

By Roland Akong — In the biggest music event in Cameroon’s capital city in recent years, over 25,000 persons defied bad weather and cold on the night Friday, May 18 to attend Friday night at the esplanade of the Yaounde omnisport stadium to watch a live concert performed by P Square.

Square is an artistic duo of Nigerian twin brothers. They are currently one of Africa’s most famous artistes, and their music reverberates across the continent and in other parts of the world.

The twin brothers Peter and Paul charged the atmosphere and threw fans into a frenzy with hit songs from all their different albums including “Tchop my money”, “Buniya enu”, “I love you” and “E no easy”.

Bubbling with energy, the talented duo sustained the attention of their audience with their captivating and professional dance styles which kept the crowd spell-bound.  Most notable was the display in the track “She’s on fire”, which kept the crowd screaming for the entire duration of the song.  The crowd cried out for a replay, a request which the star twin brothers granted.

Another remarkable aspect in their performance was the harmonious blend and interaction between them and their fans. It was also the technical and dramatic way in which the artistes switched from one song to the next which left no gaps in their show.

Red Cross sources say close to 100 persons collapsed during the show, some as a result of suffocation and others as a result of over-excitement. Young girls in particular screamed and passed out in gross admiration of the attractive lads.

Nonetheless, there were a few technical hitches. Much of the concert was playback as the band could not meet up to the standard of a complete live performance. The sound qualities of the two lead microphones were not the best.

Earlier on Petit Pays, his half-naked female dancers and his group SansVisa warmed up the stage, preparing the crowd for the big show. What was spectacular during his performance was the appearance of Cameroonian star footballer Alexandre Song on stage singing and dancing along with Petit Pays most recent hit song “On a gagne”. This gesture left many surprised as the hit performed late last year was dedicated to Samuel Eto’o Fils who allegedly happens to be at loggerheads with the former over the national football team.

Cameroonian artistes were threatening to disrupt the concert over unpaid copyright dues by MTN. Unconfirmed reports say the giant telephony company negotiated early this week with the syndicate represented by ROMEO DIKA, its president, to pay the dues after the Douala concert of P Square on May 20, 2012.

Sources say MTN has not been paying copyright dues for songs of artistes it has been downloading into phones of its customers. Reports we could not confirm say P Square requested that the mobile telephony giant resolve the palaver with the Cameroonian artistes before their concert.

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