Monday, July 22, 2019
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27 GBHS Kikaikom Students Win Scholarship 

By Peter Adi Fonte

www.CameroonPostline.comTwenty-seven students of Government Bilingual High School, GBHS, Kikaikom, in Kumbo Central Subdivision, were, May 2, awarded scholarships. The first three all-round students from Forms One to Upper Sixth won the scholarship ranging from FCFA 9,000, FCFA 7,000 to FCFA 5,000 each for the first, second and third positions.

The scholarships awarded to the 27 laureates by SEMO Social Group Bamenda, totaled FCFA 189,000. Oscar Yunteh Dzeayeh, representing the group at the scholarship award ceremony said it was the second time the SEMO Social Group Bamenda was awarding scholarships in Kumbo Central Subdivision. 

“We are here to encourage hard work and reward excellence,” he said. He added that they were there to encourage and tell teachers that their wonderful efforts have not gone unnoticed. He revealed that, this year, the laureates also came from Government Technical School Mbah, Kumbo, where Ernest Lafen Kongnso represented the group.

The Principal of GBHS Kikaikom, Oliver Wirngo Singeh, gave gratitude to SEMO for their philanthropic gesture. He appreciated the sacrifices that teachers and parents make. He revealed that since the creation of the School in 1998, SEMO Social Group is one of the first to make such humanitarian gesture.

 The ceremony was attended by both the Presidents of the PTA and School Council of GBHS Kikaikom, Fidelis Ntumnyuy and Paul Tamfu Mbilam. The SEMO Social Group Bamenda, created by 10 Secondary School Teachers of Bui origin, has a membership of 65 with the initial objective to pool funds together for mutual benefit.

Over the years, it has broadened its vision to institute a scholarship scheme for meritorious students in secondary schools in Bui Division. SEMO Social Group always awards scholarships to students of two selected schools every year in each of the six Subdivisions of Bui.