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3 Buea Council Workers, Others Perish In Car Crash 

By Joshua Boanong
Five persons died in a car crash on the Limbe – Mutengene Raod on Sunday, April 15 afternoon, among them three Buea Council workers and two other persons.

According to Bertrand Ndango, an eyewitness who was riding on his bike, the accident occurred about 2.00pm at the Ombe Bridge, when the car carrying the five and going at breakneck speed swerved off the bridge, brushed past the railings and crashed on the bank of the river below.

“I left Mile 4 Limbe coming up to Mutengene and when I arrived this hill, I was very surprised and terrified by the speed at which the Mercedes overtook me. So terrified, I moved to the far end of the road and saw the vehicle going still on very high speed. Then, the driver started applying the brakes as the vehicle started swaying from side to side out of control just before bridge, but the vehicle hit three metal bars along the bridge and somersaulted into the valley,” Ndango narrated.

The five in the Mercedes Benz with number plate SW 226 AO are said to have been returning from Limbe where they just had a Birthday Party.
The deceased, The Post gathered are; Edgene Anyi Azah (Market Master of Muea Market), Elvis Ekongolo Matute (Market Master of Molyko Market), David Watany (Mayor Patrick Ekema’s younger brother working at the Recovery Department of the Buea Council) and others; Pierre Noel Mengue Evegue and Flobert Tabi Bate .

The Divisional Officer for Tiko, Cletus Asongwe, who arrived at the scene shortly after the accident, extended condolences to families of the victims adding that the accident could have been avoided.
“We can see for ourselves that five people have been killed. It is something that could have been avoided if people could be more responsible on the highway. I also extend my sincere condolences to the bereaved families,” the DO said.
Meantime, the Mercedes car was damaged beyond repairs.

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