Friday, May 29, 2020
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3 Female Terrorists Strike in Waza, Several Dead 

Two female suicide bombers blew themselves up Tuesday night in Waza, in the Far North Region of Cameroon, killing several people, while a third was gunned down by security forces before she could detonate her bomb, we have learnt.

Sources have so far given conflicting death toll figures, with some saying six persons, including the suicide bombers, were killed, while other sources said up to nine persons lost their lives in the attacks.

There has been no official claim of responsibility for the attacks, but local administrative authorities have already publicly blamed the Nigeria-based Islamist group, Boko Haram.

State Radio said Cameroon’s President Paul Biya had instructed competent authorities to assist the affected families financially and offered his condolences. The President also vowed to hunt down the terrorists to the last man.

In the past several months, Boko Haram has increasingly relied on female suicide bombers to inspire terror in northern Cameroon as its fighters face ferocious resistance from Cameroonian and international forces battling the group.

While Boko Haram has suffered significant battlefield losses to the Cameroonian army and international forces, the Cameroonian military has equally suffered a heavy toll in lives. Last Friday, Cameroon held the funeral of 12 soldiers who died in the battle against Boko Haram, just one day before an additional soldier was killed and another seriously injured in an attack by Islamist militants. On Monday, November 30, two more Cameroonian soldiers died from a suspected Boko Haram landmine.