Saturday, October 31, 2020
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3 Villages Razed In Batibo, 4 Deserted After Bloody Attack *Collateral Casualties Overwhelmed Local Administrators 

By Chris Mbunwe

Some unidentified gunmen, March 3, reportedly attacked Cameroon security forces deployed in Batibo Subdivision to combat separatist forces, who were already celebrating that they have captured most of the villages in the Subdivision.

Talking to The Post, the Mayor of Batibo, Frederick Tanjoh, affirmed that some deaths were recorded, but nobody is certain as to how many casualties were recorded on either side (military and civilian)
“People who were on the Bamenda-Batibo Highway have confirmed that they saw legs of people dangling from a military truck heading towards Bamenda after the March 3 three incident. As we are talking, nobody is willing to give information about the causalities recorded so far and we are only left with prayers. Mass arrests of civilians have been reported in villages in Lower Batibo, with the least population of about 4000 people, who have deserted Korgwe, Effa,Koroko, Ambo and Angie villages. In addition, Gurissen and Kwano Villages of Upper Bafang in Tingto, our neighbours were razed by fire and nobody is claiming responsibility for these acts of arson and destruction,” Mayor Tanjoh averred.

According to the Municipal authority, there has been a lot of internal displacement and most of these people in their thousands are either relocating with their relatives in Batibo Town or in Bamenda and other Divisions that share borders with Batibo.

For over a month since the unrest started in the village of Ambo, movements in Batibo have been very difficult because the soldiers have waged a war on commercial bike riders.
Any bike caught at night or during the day is set on fire. Moreover, the young boys have deserted their villages and are in bushes.

It would be recalled that the incident of last Sunday that triggered the numerous deaths on either side at Angie Village before spreading to other areas have brought about untold hardship on people, as businesses, schools and even churches have been shutdown.
When this reporter visited Batibo, he noticed that the Fons too have deserted their Palaces and the locals were very scared to talk to him.

In Batibo Town, where there is relative peace, it is business as usual, but nobody engages in a conversation freely with an unknown person because the place is flooded with soldiers and plain security men, who eavesdrops every conversation especially in drinking places.