Thursday, October 29, 2020
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30,000 Cows Vaccinated In Bui 

The Ministry of Livestock, Fisheries and Animal Industry, MINEPIA, has vaccinated some 30,000 cows in Bui Division against Bovine pleura-pneumonia, pasteureuosis, lumpy skin disease and Black Quarter.

The cows were vaccinated in the six Sub-divisions of Bui between November 1 and November 30, 2015.
The Northwest Livestock Development Fund supplied the vaccines which cost FCFA 85 per dose.

Bui Divisional Delegate of MINEPIA, Dr. Ephraim Tanyi Ndip, said about 45 to 50 percent of the estimated 66,000 cattle in Bui Division was vaccinated.

The Delegate said though there was no major outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease in the Sub-division this year, a few cows were vaccinated against it.

According to Tanyi Ndip, Law No. 006 of April 16, 2001, makes it compulsory for cattle grazers to vaccinate their animals every year.

Those who fail to do so face an imprisonment term of one to three years and a fine ranging from FCFA 50,000 to FCFA 5 million.
Tanyi Ndip cited lack of means of transport for the staff, lack of electricity to preserve the vaccines, shortage of equipment like automatic syringes and the reluctance of some cattle breeders to bring out their cattle for vaccination as challenges faced during the vaccination exercise.

He said if means of transport is provided including solar refrigerators to preserve vaccines, and the number of staff increased, much would be achieved.

Meanwhile, the Delegate observed that no case of rabies has been reported in Bui Division in 2015, but that a total of 300 dogs were vaccinated against the disease as opposed to 287 in 2014.

He said the treatment for a case of rabies is estimated to cost FCFA 45,000 after clinical signs of the dog have manifested for 14 days.
According to Tanyi, a stray dog should be treated at once.

Dogs aged three months are expected to be vaccinated and the exercise repeated every year. By Peter Adi Fonte