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32nd Annual CMF Holds Sunday, December 8 

By Joe Dinga Pefok — The 32nd annual rally of the Christian Men Fellowship, CMF, of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon, PCC, will hold on Sunday, December 8, at the 27 different presbyteries nationwide. Briefing The Post in Douala on December 3, CMF National President, Ntumfor Barrister Nico Halle, said the annual rally wraps up the outreaches that the movement carries out during the year.

He said the theme of this year’s rally will be: “Running the Race of Faith; Stand Firm on the Promises of God”. Nico Halle said preparations have entered high gear in all the 27 presbyteries. According to the Halle, the day will start as early as 6 am with quizzes, followed by an exhibition and competition in works of arts (handicrafts) done by the different groups, then a procession to the venue proper, where a full church service will hold.

He said this year the National Secretary, Rev. Dr. Michael Fai, will attend the rally at the East Mungo North Presbytery in Yaounde. Halle, on his part, will travel to the Mezam Presbytery. The CMF National President said the number of the CMF presbyteries will in January 2014 increase from 27 to 28, as the present East Mungo South Presbytery which covers the entire Littoral Region will be split into two.

The CMF Group of PC Bonamoussadi (Douala) aka City Boys, and the CMF Group of PC Bonaberi (Douala), which are the two biggest and richest congregations in the East Mungo South Presbytery, will, following the split of the presbytery, belong to different presbyteries.
Meanwhile, Halle explained that the CMF movement has a mission to man, the family, the church and to the world.

He said it is transformational mission; a spiritual transformation outreach. “CMF like the other two movements in the PCC, that is the Christian Women Fellowship, CWF, and the Christians Youth Fellowship, CYF, have a mission to seek more souls for Jesus. We reach out, we share love, we pray for the downtrodden, we sympathise with those in grieve, and we rejoice with those who rejoice,” Halle explained.

He recalled that the CWF was created in 1961, meaning that the women’s movement is 20 years older than the men’s movement, adding that over the years the CMF has benefited much from the experience of the CWF. “So we (CMF) are moving on, and the movement has grown in leaps and bounds,” Halle said. He disclosed that the CMF currently boasts of some 20,000 members. 

No Second Mandate

As the five-year mandate of the current CMF National President draws to an end next year, Nico Halle maintains that he won’t run for a second mandate. “Before I take a stand or make a decision, I always ask the Lord to lead me. This decision is not negotiable,” he told The Post.

Halle said some dishonest persons in elected offices play games by saying that they do not want another mandate, only to turn around and claim that they have been forced by the people to run for another mandate, as if they did not think well before saying that they would not go in for another mandate. “I know that some CMF members are really angry with my decision. But I have told them that I did not study CMF at the university. I studied law.

CMF is not a profession. It is a calling.  Thus, any of the 20,000 members of the CMF can be the National President, because when God appoints you, he equips you with the powers to hold the office,” Halle argued. Halle is the third person to serve as National President of CMF since the creation of the movement which will turn 33 next year. This means that the first two National Presidents held office for a total of 28 years.

First published in The Post edition no 01485

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