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33-year-old Woman Found Dead On Rice Farm 

By Albert Mbunwe

The lifeless body of a 33-year-old woman whose name we got as Cecilia, from Mbanka-Bamunka, Ndop, in the Northwest Region, was found on January 5 in a rice farm.

Some villagers, whose names were revealed only as Johnson and Cletus, suspected that she must have died of excess consumption of a local mixture of ‘afofo’ and palm wine. They said Cecilia was well known as a great consumer of a famous whisky sachet or afofo and palm wine.

At the time of the shocking discovery, the dead woman had a cock of snuff in her right hand, and a packet of expired D-10 tablets lay beside her.
The Ndop Senior State Counsel, accompanied by some security officers, a photographer and some reporters from The Post newspaper and Stone F.M Radio Station Ndop, rushed to the scene and ordered for an immediate investigation to determine the exact cause of death.

Meanwhile, the corpse was taken and kept at the Ndop District Hospital Mortuary pending burial in the days ahead in Mbanka-Bamunka Ndop.

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