Thursday, October 29, 2020
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4 Go Blind After Clash Between Christians, Natives 

By Chris Mbunwe

A violent clash between Christians of Union Baptiste Camerouniase Church and natives of Baba I, Ngoketunjia Division of the Northwest Region, on October 12, has left four people blind.
The four men went blind after toxic chemicals were sprayed into their eyes by the Christians of the aforementioned church.

Briefing the press, the Fon of Baba I, His Majesty Feukemshi II said, of the four persons who have been evacuated to Bafoussam for treatment, he could only recall the names of three, viz: Christian Moh, Christopher Tita and one Tidati. The Fon said when tension started mounting between the Christians and the natives of Baba I; he alerted the Divisional Officer of Babessi Subdivision and the forces of law and order.

“Some of these Christians who were fomenting trouble were arrested and were later released. When they returned to the village recently, they were openly boasting saying they are being protected by some people in high places, with strong connections right inside the Presidency of the Republic.

I have been told that their leader, Pastor Paul Commando, says nothing can happen to him on the strength that big people are protecting him. I don’t believe in such stories because the Presidency that has waged war against terrorists like Boko Haram cannot be protecting a gang of terrorists.

How can Christians be keeping dangerous chemicals in church? A church is supposed to be a place where people find solace and God’s protection.

I hear they are claiming that the four whose eyes they have destroyed with chemicals came and attacked them. How can four persons attack a church of over 50 people and none of their Christians is injured? Those criminals who sprayed the chemicals have disappeared from the village, including their so called Pastor.

It beats my imagination that, while my village is still grabbling with flood victims, people are instead inflicting more pains on their brothers in the name of a new church. We are going to pursue these terrorists legally.

They are not a church. It would not end at this level,” Fon Feukemshi fumed.
The Church building situated at Baba I Market, besides the main road, was deserted as of October 12. In front of the church was a burnt generator and some church belongings like tables and a few chairs.

Some persons found drinking in a Bar near the church, who spoke on condition that they will not to be named, told The Post that among the items removed from the church were; mattresses, used and unused condoms.

“In this Church, the slogan is your body wants my body,” one of the inhabitants insinuated. He said the irate population set the items on fire in front of the church.

The villagers pointed at one provision store opposite the church that was burgled the night before the clash. They blamed the burglary on the deafening noise from shouting prayers that drowned the burgling while the thieves had a smooth operation. The villagers hold that, as soon as the church was installed in Baba I, prostitution and divorce surged.

The same church, it is reported, was recently chased out of Baligashu Village in Balikumbat Subdivision and their belongings burnt when they started preaching against the customs and traditions of the people.
Meantime, the Pastor and Christians of the church were not available to give their own side of the story.