Sunday, October 25, 2020
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400 Teachers Asked Refund 7 Years of Allowances 

By Basil Afoni

Some 400 teachers of Secondary and Basic Education in Cameroon will have their teaching and evaluation allowances suspended after being asked by the Government to refund seven years allowances.

Each of the affected teachers was paid regular instalments of FCFA 10,000 following a February 4, 2002 presidential decree, which came into effect in 2007.

According to Section 2 of the decree, teachers in the ministries of Basic Education, Secondary Education and Higher Education will earn teaching and evaluation allowances as long as they carry out work related to their official duties.

Going by the decree, the allowances can only be suspended if the teacher is no longer performing her duties or is transferred or appointed to another department.

According teachers of Basic and Secondary Education affected by this decision, the government has already started deducting money from their salaries as part of the reimbursement scheme. It is estimated that some of them will end up paying FCFA 1 million or more into state coffers.

Many of the affected teachers are understandably unhappy about this recent decision by the government. Some have argued that they should not suffer for someone else’s error since they never applied to be paid the allowances.

Others are of the opinion that the fact that they work in the central services of the ministry and not in the classroom does not exclude them from receiving the allowances since what they do in the ministry is related to their careers.

Incidentally, this controversy coincides with the World Teachers Day, which will be observed on October 5.