Tuesday, October 20, 2020
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500 ‘Forged’ Appeal Letters Upset Littoral SDF Officials 

By Joe Dinga Pefok

SDF logo

SDF logo

Some 500 appeal letters formatted with the SDF logo and allegedly dispatched to Government Ministers by a Councillor of Douala I Urban Council has gotten SDF officials bristling with anger.

Celestine Djamen, a member of the SDF National Executive Committee, NEC, and is alleged to be the brain behind the appeals.

Aspiring for the position of SDF Chairman of the Littoral Region, Djamen allegedly printed 500 appeal letters in a bid to raise funds for his campaign and flooded Government circles with them.

The row over the appeal cards is reportedly splitting the Littoral SDF given that Djamen is accused of using the SDF logo, which gives the impression that the entire political party is fundraising.

Concerns have also been raised over information that the appeal letters were distributed to CPDM elite and Ministers.

Minister Donates FCFA 200,000

Speaking to The Post through a telephone interview on October 4, the Interim Chairman of the Littoral SDF, Senator Jean Tsomelou, said he was aware of the scandal that Djamen has allegedly committed.

Tsomelou said the matter is under investigation and disclosed that he and some SDF elite in Yaounde have identified a Minister to whom Djamen gave one of the appeal cards and received FCFA 200,000.

Tsomelou, however, refused to disclose the name of the Minister. He would also not say whether the Minister is of the CPDM or another party.

The leader of SDF Group in the Senate also said he got information that Djamen has bought a Mercedes car.

“It is very unfortunate, embarrassingly and totally inadmissible that some people have turned the SDF in the Littoral Region into a terrible business,” the Senator lamented.

On the same October 4, John Ndangle Kumase confirmed to The Post that until a few weeks back, Djamen had been living in their family compound but recently packed into a private apartment.

He also admitted news of Djamen’s purchase of a new Mercedes car but wondered where he got the money to do so.

Kumase said he was aware of the scandal about the appeal cards involving Djamen, the SDF logo and some CPDM elite.

“It is heartbreaking to see that some people have transformed the SDF in the Littoral Region into a private business. In fact, Djamen is not the only person.

I don’t know if these people ever think of the blood of the six martyrs who were killed by troops sent by the Biya regime, when the SDF was launched in Bamenda on 26th May, 1990,” Kumase wondered.

Local officials and militants of the SDF in Douala also talk of a recent change in Djamen’s lifestyle.

At the level of the Littoral SDF, Djamen is not new to controversies. In 2013, he launched a verbal attack on the SDF first Vice National Chairman, Joshua Osih, for changing his constituency from Ndian Division to Wouri Centre (Douala I and Manoka Islands).

When Djamen faced difficulties within the SDF during the legislative polls in 2013, he threatened to decamp to the ANDP to vie for the Wouri South constituency.

Right To Use SDF Logo

Contacted on October 7, Djamen admitted that he used the SDF logo on his appeal cards and distributing the cards to raise funds for his election campaign.

According to him, there is nothing wrong for an SDF militant, particularly a NEC member to use the logo of the party.

“I am of the SDF. More so, I am a member of NEC. I have the right to use the logo of the party,” Djamen told The Post.

On the argument that the logo implies that the funds are meant for the party, Djamen questioned: “What logo then would I have used? Should I have instead used a CPDM logo or the logo of another party, when I am not a militant of the party? I used the logo of my party.

After all, the campaign funds that I set out to raise are for an election in the SDF.”

Djamen denied sending appeal letters to CPDM elite to raise money. He insisted that all those to whom he sent the appeal cards are SDF militants.

“I, for example, addressed a card to the Mayor of the Douala III Urban Council, Job, who is of the SDF.”

He dismissed as spurious claims that he received FCFA 200,000 from a member of Government. He asked if Tsomelou and the Nintcheu camp that are propagating the rumour have any evidence to show that he received money from the unnamed member of Government.

He instead Nintcheu of selling the SDF several times during elections in his 12-year reign.

Post of National Chairperson

The first time SDF militants heard about Djamen was about 12 years ago. Then, he was based in France. He came to Cameroon and travelled to Bamenda where an Elective Convention of the SDF was holding.

There, Djamen declared his intention to run for the post of National Chairman of the party. He would return to France and later return on grounds of shaping his political career.

According to Abel Elimbi Lobe, Djamen only has ambitions for top political positions but lacks the prowess to manage even basic organs.