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6 Dead, Several Injured In Road Accident 

By Sarah NdumaEkema& Yvonne Massa Ako

A 30-seater bus belongingto KentoVoyage Travel Agency,January 3, killed six persons and injured several others at Mile 29 along the Buea-Kumba highway.
The bus collided head-on with a Prado jeep that left Kumba and was heading towards Buea.
The 30-seater bus,which had 35 people on board was transporting students of the Pan African Institute for Development – West Africa, PAID-WA, Buea on a field trip to Kumba.
The accident which occurredat about 9:00am claimed the lives of six persons; three students of PAID-WA and three others inthePrado.
According to BetrandNjoNjo, a Pharmacist at the Buea Regional Hospital;“Five people have been consulted here, but elsewhere, the total is eleven.There is one, a woman, in the theatre presently.Her belly was cut open, exposing her intestines. However, everything has been arranged and the cut hasbeen stitched. Three people are in critical conditions; one is in the theatre while two are not too serious.”
One of the survivors,a PAID-WA student,Helene Mafo,told The Post in the emergency ward of the Buea Regional Hospital that thebus’brakes had failed at Mile 29 and all the advice to the driver to stop the vehiclewasfutile.
“We were going to a taxation company in Kumba, we had an accident at Mile 29 due to brakes failure. We were more than 35,even though it was a 30-seater bus. Some sat on the doorwhile others were standing. When the brakes failed, students startedscreaming.During the incident I was eating, because I believe so much in God, I wasn’t moved. The bus hit an oncoming private car and was badly damaged,” she recounted.
Prince Daniel Nasako, a staff at the Governor’s Office in Buea, observed that: “Reckless drivers are killing our economy; there’s no country that can develop when people die. This is a cause for concern, at first, the Minister of Transport banned the movement of trucks during the day, but a few weeks after, we still found them plying our roads. The roads are not the cause of accidents, we are.”
APastor, John NumbeNwafor, of the Reconciliation Ministry, REMI, who was at the mortuary averred: “It is disturbing that students of an institution, on an academic trip, didn’t take a school bus, but public transport. These are things that could be avoided. Accidents are common, but policy makers can avoid them,” he said,adding that: “This morning, I really had warning signs to pray against accidents. As pastors, we should be careful when God is speaking to us.We should take it in prayers. I believe that the prayer this morning saved the situation, to an extent.”
Those confirmed dead so far are: Emilia Mbue, Daniel Bassi, FortuneTchounganBerane,LeocadiaRokuMaralle, Henry Wundiaand PendyTamungang. Their remains are presently at the Buea Regional Hospital mortuary.
Meantime, the other casualties were taken to other hospitals in Muyuka and Ekona where they are undergoing treatment.

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