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7000 State Employees’ Salaries Suspended 

By Yerima Kini Nsom & Nformi Sonde Kinsai
Minister Ange Angouing We must rid the Cameroon Civil Service of ghost workers

Government has suspended the salaries of 3,000 contract workers and 4,000 regular civil servants.
The move that Government took during the March payout was in a bid to rid the State wage bill of ghost workers, culminating the suspension of 4000 civil servants.

Contract workers who were found wanting had their January salaries suspended.
The issue of many people, who have abandoned their jobs for greener pastures abroad, is what triggered the clean up campaign of the Government payroll.

There was weeping and wailing when the authorities published the list of over 3,000 workers on the notice board of the Ministry of Public Service and Administrative Reform, MINFOPRA.
Many civil servants who are regularly doing their job told The Post that they were surprised to see their names in such a list. Most of the victims are teachers of the Ministries of Basic and Secondary Education.

Meanwhile, in an interview granted the State-run Cameroon Tribune of April 6, Southwest Governor, Bernard Okalia Bilai, confirmed that salaries of many civil servants in that Region have been suspended. He said those seriously hit are teachers of the Primary and Secondary Education.

He also mentioned health personnel, remarking that the absentee civil servants are dominantly in the rural areas. He blamed the immediate bosses of the civil servants for complicity, especially when people go away for months and years and the service heads concern don’t report.

Some of the civil servants who are victims of the salary cut and who The Post met at MINFOPRA on April 5 and 6, argued that they had duly submitted the documents required by the administration to regularise their situation and were, therefore, surprised with what is happening.
One secondary school teacher, who came from the South Region, said she was very confused because she has been working uninterrupted for over five years.

Others who claimed their salaries were suspended in January and they had to submit some documents told The Post that their pay packages are yet to be reinserted. It was gathered that the rampant breakdown of computers in the Ministry of Finance, which is the central unit of the SIGIPES network is behind the delay in the restatement of the salaries.

One of the officials of MINFOPRA who refused to identify himself and who was redirecting the civil servants concerned back to their respective administrations, said when a list of 10,377 contract workers and 14,134 civil servants were published on August 19 and November 12, 2015 by the MINFOPRA boss, Michel Ange Angouing, some of the people who are victims today did not bother to cross-check their names.

He said that is why the salaries of some of them who are regular and doing their jobs have been suspended.
“Civil servants should listen to the radio and read newspapers regularly in order to be informed about things that concern them,” he told The Post. Responding to complaints about people who submitted their documents, but have seen their salaries suspended, the official admitted that because of human errors in computer operations, some of the civil servants are likely to suffer unduly.

One of the angry civil servants told the official that he was aware of people who have either died, resigned or have simply abandoned their jobs for greener pastures but their salaries are still being collected by close ones.

It should be recalled that when the Minister, who is also the President of the Pilot Team for the Project to put in place a New System for the Integrated Management of State Personnel and the Pay Roll dubbed SIGIPES II, published the list of 24,511 workers last year, they (workers) were called upon to clarify their respective administrative situations within eight days else their salaries would be suspended.

“Failure to do this, their salaries would be suspended and their administrative data would not be transferred to SIGIPES II, whose implementation is eminent. Those concerned would have to produce documents and submit to their immediate hierarchy who are charged with forwarding the said documents to the Department of Human Resources of their ministries,” the Minister had stated.

Meanwhile, with the salaries of some of the contract workers and civil servants now suspended, the victims have been asked to resubmit or submit recruitment or integration decision into the public service; a certificate of assumption of duty in the present post of responsibility, an attestation of effective service not older than three months and a letter from their immediate bosses justifying their situations.

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