Tuesday, November 20, 2018
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Achidi Achu Admits Biya Is Very Rich 

By Chris Mbunwe & Harry Nouwea*

Former Prime Minister, Hon. Simon Achidi Achu, has said those who doubt the riches of President Paul Biya are people who have not known how Biya came to power and how he has acquired riches.

According to Achidi Achu, the recent report from a French Catholic NGO about Biya’s ill-gotten wealth is a non-event to him. "Those who have watched or worked with Biya should be able to understand that he (Biya) entered the Public Service as a top civil servant.  He was Secretary General at the Presidency, Prime Minister for many years and has been President for over 25 years.

"So, as highest paid civil servant of the state, Biya was not saving and could not build a house here or there for fear that people or an NGO would publish that our President is rich. Yes, he is a very rich President, who has worked hard for his riches," Achidi said. He qualified the French Catholic NGO as a source of destabilisation and was quick to add that Cameroonians have rejected and dismissed such subversive, scandalous and baseless report on Biya’s wealth.
Achidi Achu used the opportunity at a recent presentation of a book, "The Biya Code," at the Bamenda Congress Hall, to lash out at the Catholic French NGO. 

Other presenters were Prof. Elvis Ngolle Ngolle, Minister of Forestry and Fauna, Dr. Joseph Dion Ngute, Minister Delegate in charge of Commonwealth, Dr. Calistus Fuh Gentry, Secretary of State at the Ministry of Mines, Professor Fru Angwafor, Secretary General in the Ministry of Public Health and Professor Leke Tambo.

*UB Journalism Student On Internship

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