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Achidi Achu In Ghastly Motor Accident 

By Joe Dinga Pefok

Former Prime Minister and Vice President of the Senate, Simon Achidi Achu, recently survived a ghastly motor accident on the Douala-Bafoussam Highway.

The accident, which occurred in Manjo, in Mungo Division, reportedly left three persons dead.
The Post garnered that Senator Achidi Achu was travelling to his native Santa in Mezam Division of the Northwest Region, when his vehicle collided head-on with a Toyota KE 90, in the Manjo area.

The owner of the Toyota KE 90, whose name The Post only got as Stephanie, is a Douala-based businesswoman who hails from Bangangte in the Nde Division of the West Region. The woman was returning to Douala from Bafang, where she had reportedly gone for a funeral programme.

According to reports, there were five relatives in her vehicle, four females and a male. Eyewitness accounts say the accident was caused by over-speeding by the two drivers.
Senator Achidi Achu’s heavy Land Cruiser totally smashed and squashed the Toyota KE 90. The driver of the Toyota KE 90 and the younger sister of the businesswoman died on the spot, while the third person died on the way to the hospital.
Meanwhile, Achidi Achu, his driver and body guard only sustained minor injuries.

Senator’s Bodyguard Disperses Crowd With A Gun

The Post learnt that when the population of Manjo rushed to the scene, many of them flared up in anger upon seeing the carnage. The enraged population reportedly faulted the Senator’s driver, who they claimed left his own lane of the road and bumped into the Toyota KE 90.

In the heat of the moment, the crowd surged forward menacingly towards the Senator, his driver and bodyguard, threatening to teach them a lesson.
Perceiving danger, the Senator’s bodyguard reportedly pulled out his pistol and fired several shots in the air and thus dispersed the menacing crowd.

However, the family of the deceased is blaming Senator Achidi Achu for the demise of their relatives. According to them, after the accident, the population who rushed to the scene to rescue the victims was sent away by the Senator’s bodyguard, when he fired into the air.
By the time the Gendarmerie officers from Manjo arrived the scene to rush the victims to the hospital, two of them had given up the ghost.

Meanwhile, after getting news of the ghastly accident involving the former Prime Minister, the Gendarmerie Brigade from Manjo reportedly rushed to the scene and arranged for a vehicle to take the former Prime Minister, his driver and bodyguard away. It is not clear if Senator Achidi Achu continued his journey to Bamenda or if he returned to Yaounde.

However, the population of Manjo is still furious about the incident. The claim that if the accident was caused by the other driver, the forces of law and order would have been demanding for his head, but since it involved one of the top brass of the regime, the matter will die a natural death.
All attempts to get the Senator to comment on the issue were futile.

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