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Administration Orders Arrest Of SOWEFCU President 

By Maxcel Fokwen

The administration of Meme Division has issued an arrest warrant against the former President of the Southwest Farmers’ Cooperative Union, SOWEFCU, Bernard Betanga Nchonganyi, for failing to respond to a summons.

The Order signed by the first Assistant Senior Divisional Officer for Meme, Verklin Epulewane Epse Mbua, dated July 7, 2015, with reference number G.39/S.47/35 (a copy of which The Post procured) is addressed to the Commissioner of the Kumba Central Police Station in charge of public security.
The letter, titled ‘Arrest and Escort’, is praying the Commissioner to get hold of the former farmers’President and bring him to her office.

Epulewane urged the Commissioner to treat the matter as urgent and important.
The three-paragraph order reads, in part; “I have the honour to request you to arrest Mr. Bernard Betanga, former President of SOWEFCU and escort him to my office. Reasons being refusal to honour administrative convocations, after being served by a Sheriff Bailiff, and flaunt of Minister’s instructions.”

Besides, the Assistant Prefect urges the Commissioner to work with a certain Amos Ayuk Oben and the current President of SOWEFCU Patrick Esapa Enyong, to identify the said individual.
The Post gathered that the officer in charge of executing the Order, Joseph Ebong Ebong, has been working with Amos Ayuk, who is equally the President of a producers’ organisation to facilitate the exercise.

Since the issuance of the administrative order, the parties charged with the assignment have not been able to locate the former SOWEFCU boss. The current wave of complaints against Betanga is said to be based on the argument that, since leaving office under controversial circumstances, Betanga is yet to hand over officially.

Pressure is reportedly mounting, based on the fact that the Farmers’ Union General Assembly meeting has been billed for July 31, 2015, in Kumba, during which, a review will be made on the state of the Union.
Betanga was in gendarmerie custody for several hours on July 15, 2013, for allegedly masterminding the invasion, theft and destruction of property belonging to the Union.

Back then, the erstwhile SOWEFCU boss told reporters that he was not in detention; maintaining that “every thing was normal… there is nothing, everything is under control… I only came here to clear certain things because they are saying that my vehicle, which I entered there (SOWEFCU premises) to take, does not belong to me.” He equally dismissed the allegations of having masterminded the destruction of SOWEFCU property.

It would be recalled that in January 2013, an audit report carried out by Henry Enongene unveiled financial scandals at SOWEFCU. Enongene had, in an interview with the press, declared that between 2008 and 2012, the Government pumped in FCFA 2 billion into SOWEFCU, but the money was mismanaged by the Betanga-led management.

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