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AFDB Launches Special Fund To Fight Climate Change 

 The Africa Development Bank, AfDB, has launched a special fund worth €33 million to be used for building capacities in climate information gathering and dissemination, in order to overcome challenges posed by climate change in Africa.

The Climate for Development in Africa, ClimDev-Africa, special fund was recently launched on the sidelines of CCDA-IV in Marrakech-Morocco. 
The fund will be managed by the ClimDev-Africa Programme, an initiative of the African Union Commission AUC, the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, UNECA and, AfDB. 
The public and private sector institutions and organisations in Africa are now expected to submit proposals to ClimDev-Africa to enable them access the financing, intended to build viable, reliable and regular climate change information sources in Africa.
During the launching in Marrakech, the Coordinator for Special Initiative at the AfDB, Ken John, expressed optimism that despite the insufficient funds to meet the entire Africa’s climate information needs, Africans will continue to demonstrate that others can also benefit and learn from such experiences. 
Climate Change, he said, has become a major drive for poverty in African counties, especially among indigenous smallholder farmers who are increasingly becoming vulnerable, with about 37 percent of the continent threaten by desertification.
AfDB, he went on, is committed to support countries adapt to the negative effects of climate change, ensure food security and support good land, water and forestry management good practices. 
“Climate information services enable better integration of the water, energy and land nexus, which are critical along the entire agricultural commodity value chain,” Dr. Fatima Denton, Coordinator of the Africa Climate Policy Center, ACPC said.
Our deepest conviction, she went on, is that climate change remains a double-edged sword, because it constitutes the greatest challenge of our times, but it is also Africa’s greatest opportunity to widen out ripples of prosperity across our mother continent. 
According to Dr Denton, consolidating the potential for agriculture, using climate information services, will have a multiplier effect in catering for African youths, shared prosperity, and providing food, water and energy security, 
By Calistus Tandong Jong – Marrakech

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