Thursday, November 22, 2018
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Afraid Of Amba Attacks: Gov’t Officials Pull-off ‘CA’ From Service Cars 

By Chris Mbunwe

Most administrative service cars, that were carrying ‘CA’ on their number plates, have, for some weeks now been circulating without such number plates.

Most of the number plates have been replaced with chassis number or factory numbers.
In our investigations we contacted Regional Delegates of Government services who disclosed that it was as a result of their reading of the prevailing situation in the two Anglophone Regions where Ambazonian Defence Forces have been seizing and burning cars carrying CA on their number plates. Since the Anglophone struggle took a nasty twist, more than 30 CA service cars have been burnt to ashes, most belonging to SDOs, DOs and Regional Delegates.

It would be recalled that service cars West of the Mungo, used to carry Federal Cameroon Administration, FCA, which was for officials or institutions run by Federal Government up to the 70s. Vehicles belonging to CCAST Bambili were marked FCA.

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