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African Reforms Execution Need Structured Mechanisms – IIAS Director 

By Marriane Tabi Enow — The Director General of the International Institute of Administrative Science (IIAS), Rolet Loretan, has said that administrative reforms in Africa need proper mechanisms to ensure their effective implementation. Loretan made the disclosure, November 28, in an address he presented at the opening ceremony of the second IIAS African forum in Yaounde, organised by IIAS, in collaboration with the Ministry of Public Service and Administrative Reforms.

The forum which was aimed at sharing African experiences with regard to important administrative reforms was held under theme “Major Structuring Reforms in Africa”. According to Loretan, the main idea of the forum was to offer a platform of exchange between practitioners, civil servants and academicians from different countries in order to identify best practices that different government can adopt.

To him, the theme was an important topic for the African continent since it touches on the challenges African countries are facing in terms of policies in good reforms, the tools for the implementation of great reforms, decentralisation and the reconstruction of the state’s role to its citizens. Loretan added that structural administrative reforms form part of the greater ambition which exceeds the parameters of the administrators, as it is concerned with the solid foundations of the mission of the state, in its ways of intervention and the performance of the civil service.

The IIAS boss remarked that countries should always strive to drive their administrations to transform and adapt themselves to the permanent evolution of the society so as to avoid real administrative gaps. The Minister of Public Service and Administrative Reforms, Michel Ange Anguin, said structured administrative reforms always need the political will of the state for it to produce good governance. 

He stated that Cameroon has instituted a number of mechanisms to guarantee the efficiency of its administrative services. He cited the decentralisation process in the country, the Senate, and the state financial values mechanisms which are based on transparency, accountability and performance.

The Minister said the Yaounde forum offered a platform for African leaders to learn and understand how to perform better than yesterday. During the two-day seminar, resource persons and participants discussed possible measures that could be taken to ensure that administrative reforms meet public interest, relieve anterior blockages, reduce costs and improve services to benefit the citizens.

A number of recommendations were adopted at the end of the forum, considered as possible solutions to making the administrative service more flexible, transparent, and responsible.
One of the recommendations called on African governments to exert more political will since the implementation of reforms work in total coherence with political will and support.

Talking to The Post at the end of conference, one of the participants, Abby Seigue, said the discussions at the forum were quite educative and intensive. “I have the conviction that if the proposals are really implemented by countries, then our administrative structures will have a forward leap,” Seigue asserted. The third edition of the International Institute of Administrative Science Forum is expected to take place in Morrocco.

First published in The Post edition no 01485

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