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After Biya’s National Day Of Mourning: 1Dead, 20 Injured In Douala Stampede 

By Isidore Abah

At least one person is reported dead and 20 others seriously injured after a stampede at the Douala Reunification Stadium on Tuesday, October 20, 2015.

Thousands of Cameroonians had thronged the Reunification Stadium at Bepanda for a crusade rally organised by one of Nigerian’s foremost gospel preacher,healer and miracle maker, Apostle Johnson Suleman.

The population at the Stadium was twice the official number that the Stadium could actually contain. However, after successfully going through the service on the first day, the struggle to leave the crusade ground provoked the stampede, as hundreds were scrambling to pass through the single outlet.
In the course of the struggle, the Christians and miracle seekers were trampling on one another, as they fought their way out of the overcrowded stadium.

According to Jones Lambi, one of the victims, who was seriously injured and is presently receiving medical attention in one of the hospitals in Douala, the stampede was further compounded by allegations that the man of God had promised to resume the healing session on Wednesday, September 10, 2015, at about 3.00am.

Lambi said after rumour mongers had peddled the news that Apostle Sulemanwas to resume healingin the early hours of Wednesday, those who were already on their way out started rushing back into the stadium to retake their seats.

Some other version has it that the stampede was provoked by a robbery attempt on one of the believers.
According to this category of believers, some hoodlums were struggling to snatch the bag of one of the Christiansat the crusade ground. As the woman was shouting for help, her screaming instead caused panic among the other believers, who were struggling to make their way out of the stadium.
Instead of the other Christians to come to her aid, they took to their heels, resulting to the collapse of one the sections of the upper roof.

The story about armed robbers having pitched their tents at the ceremonial ground is not surprising to many, given that, the ‘Man of God’, during his exaltation, openly declared that there were people at the crusade ground with knifes and other ungodly tools.
Apostle Sulemanhad also assertedthat all those who stole at the crusade ground should refund the stolen items or forfeit their sexual reproductive organs.

Meanwhile, before the close of Tuesday’s crusade session, the ‘man of God’ prayed for prosperity in Cameroon and said terrorism was an issue of the past.
The Douala stampede is coming a few days after President Biya declared a National Day of Mourning in honour of the 76 Cameroonians Moslem pilgrims who died in the holy city of Mecca, Saudi Arabia on September 24, following a stampede.

President Biyadisclosed that the 76 Cameroonians died in a stampede, while about 30 others were declared missing.
Cameroonian diplomatic services and the Saudi authorities, he went on, are in frantic search of the missing Cameroonians.