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After Winning Rape Case: Liberated ‘Liberator’ Returns Home 

By Joe DingaPefok

Cameroonian music star, Simon Agno Longkana aka Longué Longué, has returned to the country after winning an appeal case for allegedly raping a minor in France.

Longué Longué had, throughout his trial, pleaded not guilty and insisted that he was framed up by Chantal Mbassi, a Franco- Cameroonian lady. His plea was snubbed by the Bordeaux High Courtand was slammed an eight-year jail term on December 2, 2011.
The Cameroonian artist spent three years in jail, before recently winning the appeal.
Speaking to the media upon his arrival at the Douala International Airport, Longué Longué expressed gratitude to Samuel Eto’o Fils and the Cameroon Government for their support throughout his trail in France. Eto’oFils reportedly spent millions of Francs to secure Longué Longué’s freedom.
Dozens of fans jammed the Douala International Airport to welcome their idol, chanting “Liberateur libéré”. From the airport, friends and fans accompanied the ‘liberated liberator’ to his residence at PK 12 in Douala.

Genesis Of The Case
The story regarding Longué Longué’s rape case is rather a complex one. After leaping unto the Cameroon music scene in 2001, with ‘Ayo Africa’, and ‘Privatisation’ two years later, the music star in the euphoria of his emergence, decided to move over to France as many renowned Cameroonian musicians do.
In a bid to facilitate his stay, as well as his integration in France, Longué Longué got into a marriage deal with Chantal Mbassi, who is eight years older than he. Mbassi reportedly footed the bills of Longué Longué’s travel documents.
After a few months in France, the artist reportedly started showing signs of disinterest in the relationship. It is also reported that the artist was not tactful in dealing with the situation, as he, unequivocally, asserted that he could not marriy such an old woman.

Rape Allegation
After his utterances regarding Mbassi, Longué Longué was accused of raping Mbassi’s 17- year-old niece. Longué Longué was arrested on November 19, 2005, on the order of an examining Magistrate at the Bordeaux High Court. He spent three months in jail, before his lawyer succeeded to secure a bail for him. A caution fee of FCFA 5.2 million was paid by Samuel Eto’oFils. But even with the payment of the caution, Longué Longué was barred from leaving France and ordered to report to the police station every Wednesday. His lawyer filed an appeal against the decision and the Appeal Court finally granted his plea and said he could leave France, but must be available when needed by the French judiciary. When the appeal case came up at the Bordeaux High Court on September 16, 2010, the Court found Longué Longué guilty and slammed him a 10-year jail term.
The artist’s legal counsel filed another appeal against the Bordeaux High Court ruling and also demanded for bail. He was granted bail on January 26, 2011, thanks again to Samuel Eto’o who paid circa FCFA 10 million that was demanded as caution fee. But the artist was again prohibited from leaving France. Then, the Appeal Court, in a ruling on December 2, 2011, found Longué Longué guilty of rape and he was sentenced to eight years in prison. Longué Longué, his Legal counsel and his financier ( Eto’o Fils) did not give up the fight to seek his liberation. Following several appeals for support made by the imprisoned Longué Longué to President Paul Biya and his wife, Chantal, the President seemingly ordered the Cameroon Government to do something, though it is not very clear what the Government did.
However, the Appeal Court, on December 16, 2014, discharged and acquitted Longué Longué.

From Street Child To Music Star
Born in 1973 in Douala, Longué Longué hails from Yabassi in the Nkam Division. He had a very difficult upbringing, having lost his mother when he was barely seven years old. After the death of his mother, his father sent him to live in the village. Unfortunately, his uncle reportedly did not like him and thus made life very difficult for him. This pushed Longué Longué to leave the family compound for the streets at a tender age.
Like most street children, the artist tried his hands in car washing and other things before developing an interest in music. Longué Longué played in a number of cabarets before Prince Ndedi Eyango brought him to the limelight. Prince Eyango, who owns a recoding studio in Douala, produced and promoted the first album of Longué Longué. Today, Longué Longué has four albums.

strong>Notorious For Breach Of Contracts
Though Longué Longué may have so many sympathizers in the rape scandal in France, the artist is notorious for breach contracts. Mbassi lamented that she was “betrayed and humiliated” by Longué Longué. Also, Longué Longué had problems with Prince Eyango for breaching the terms of the contract he signed when his first album was produced. It is hoped that the artist must have learnt his lesson.

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