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Agbor Tabi Crashes At Anti Boko-Haram March 

*Rushed To Maternity Ward

By Nester Asonganyi

Peter Agbor Tabi, Assistant Secretary General at the Presidency of the Republic, on Saturday April 18, nearly paid the supreme price for patriotism during a march against the marauding Boko-Haram bandits, purporting to be engaged in an Islamic jihad in Northeastern Nigeria and Far North Cameroon.

This was in Buea. He collapsed shortly after successfully completing the march from Bongo Square to the Governor’s office. The Post can confirm that all other Ministers and other elite who took centre stage at the event were mostly agreed that the distance was a bit too far for people who were not athletes, were not at all young, did not wear track suits or trainers but donned designer coats, ties and shoes for the solidarity march with Cameroon’s valiant armed forces.

They had insisted that the event was symbolic and that there was no need for a huge crowd at the Governor’s office where the contributed cash had to be handed over. But the Regional Governor, supported by Agbor Tabi argued against it and had their way. All business premises were shut down during the period of the event. And like the fabled Great Old Duke of York, Senator Peter Mafany Musonge marched the patriots to the foot of the Fako Mountain office of the Governor.

From all indications, Agbor Tabi’s patriotic heart remained stronger than his feet until the patriots arrived the Police Station Round-About. The Deputy Secretary General at the Presidency started sweating profusely, but still managed to make it to the ‘finish line’. And then, something happened.

He started buckling under; requested for, and was given a drink of water. But then, he continued to slump. On the spot, they stripped him of his suit and shoes rushed the VIP to a private maternity ward of the Buea Regional Hospital Annexe, where a lady that had just been delivered of her baby was made to cede her bed to the Minister. Of course, the room was hurriedly brought up to acceptable standards to accommodate the Minister for the rather brief period that he stayed there.

The Hospital Director, aided by an anaesthetologist went into quick action to revive the semi-conscious Minister whose blood pressure was unusually high. Laboratory tests were run and Agbor Tabi was transferred to a Douala hospital in a matter of hours.

As the drama unfolded, security operatives seized Reporters’ cameras when they attempted taking pictures. Strict warnings were also issued for the story to be kept in the dark.

Fortunately, medical personnel are said to have assured family members and other close associates that the Minister’s condition was not as bad as had been initially feared. By Sunday afternoon, the Minister was spotted at the Edea toll gate as he was returning to Yaounde against expert advice that he should, at least rest for a few days before making the journey back to the capital.

It would be recalled that at this year’s ‘New Year Wishes’ to the Head of State, Agbor Tabi left the Unity Palace event before it could start, because of a similar health condition.

Success Recorded At Solidarity March Despite Odds

Agbor Tabi’s awful plight notwithstanding, over FCFA 46 million was raised during the march to support the Cameroonian armed forces at the war front in the fight against Boko-Haram. This amount, together with the Region’s previous collections to support the defense forces, totalsFCFA 85,846,525.

Led by an up- beat Senator Peter Mafany Musonge and other dignitaries, it was kick-started by inter-religious prayers by Christians of different denominations and Moslems, who, each in turn, called for God’s protection and guidance for the armed forcesinareas most affected by the sadistic antics of the terrorists.
The Imam of Buea prayed Allah to destroy the very foundation of the extremist Boko-Haram.

“Those who fan and sponsor these evil actions causing misery to humanity; may You, Lord, subdue those who wishcalamity for us, destroy their base and grant us victory,” the Imam prayed.

“Wherever their hiding place may be, expose them and grant your children victory over their evil action,” he added.

According to Senator Musonge, the solidarity march is, aimed at showing ceaseless support to the Head of State andthe defense forces in the fight against Boko-Haram and threat to the cultural integrity, security, peace and tranquility.

“This coming together as people of the Southwest Region is a demonstration that the unity of Cameroon is more powerful than the guns of the terrorist Boko-Haram sect. Let the terrorists and their supporters know that the people of Cameroon are one and indivisible,” Musonge said. He also expressed gratitude to all who took part in the march, while encouraging them to shun all forms of violence.

It was said that the money will be sent to the Ministry of Finance through the appropriate department.

Soldiers Not Yet Feeling Impact Of Goodwill Contributions

One of the wounded Rapid Intervention Battalion, BIR, soldierswho is on treatment in Buea,told The Post that despite the various national contributions they have been hearing that is geared towards assisting them; their conditionat the war front has not improved. He said they still receive the normal rice and FCFA 10,000 as extra monthly allowanceon the field. According to the soldier, “may be the money is still to be put into use.”

He, however, said: “I think that the Ministry of Finance, usually, is allocated one of the highest budgets in this country, which can sponsor the military in times like this.”

He lamentedthe fact that, at the hospital, the Government takes care of their drugs only, leaving them to pay for their food by themselves.

“Since we were brought to Yaounde for treatment, we haven’t any material support from any Cameroonian, but for one Christian denomination that visited and gave us some water and peak milk,” the soldier claimed.

Meantime, some individuals have suggested that efforts be made to ensure that all the money collected is put into proper use for the betterment of the military. Ursula Mosongo, Councillorof theBuea Municipality proposed that aid and attention should not just be limited to the living soldiers, but should be extended to the families of the fallen ones as well.

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