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All I Need Is A Mike and A Crowd 

By Hugues L.T. Kamga

CameroonPostline.com — In 2007, during the construction of their church, a lively young man with a signature smile, together with his friends, began cracking jokes to ease the work. The Pastor of Full Gospel Church in Mamfe, which was under construction, heard them and was impressed.

He later urged them to share with the congregation. That day “Jerry King” the comedian was born. Jerry King is, however, the artistic name of a 21-year-old man by name Jerry Edem Eban Ndep. Jerry is a graduate of the University of Buea with a degree in Banking and Finance. This Boki native of Manyu Division, Southwest Region, also has a diploma in Computerised Accounting and is the last born to his mother in a polygamous family of nineteen siblings.

His dream is to be a business tycoon and the quest he started in 2007 began materialising in November 2011, when he and some colleagues started what is now known as “Friday Nights Out”, a stand-up comedy evening. Jerry has produced and is currently marketing a VCD entitled “Jerry King Live”. This VCD contains a series of impressive performances in many events including; the 2011 Kumba Trade Fair, Premium Awards and JCI TOYP Awards.

When Jerry decided to take comedy full time, his friends thought he was crazy and his family felt he was wasting his university degree and academic prowess. In the beginning, he had to call organisers of events and propose to them that he could animate at their events. When they asked his price he simply said: “All I need is a mike and a crowd”.

After successive impressive performances, he is being solicited to entertain audiences. He now receives calls from organisers and is able to sustain himself from his gigs. He has thus been able to prove parents and friends wrong on his quest to be a “King”. “My artistic name reminds me of the respect I would want to command someday; I don’t want to be known only on the stage, I want to matter in my society as well,” Jerry says.

Jerry says his family and his Pastor have greatly supported his venture. “My mother gave me money for the production of my CD. Also, my uncle and my Pastor have encouraged me,” Jerry enthuses. The budding comedian says he hopes to make Cameroonian entertainment worthy of its public and believes that the public, the government and performers have to give their best and support each other.

In his performances, he portrays a sweet mix of wit and genuine interest in societal issues, especially problems faced by graduates. He addresses everyday quirks in a jovial manner, while making fun of known vices. His broad smile and elegant attire makes one only wish him excellence in his chosen career path.

You can find out more about Jerry King and his performance on his Facebook page: Jerry King or email: jerryking822@yahoo.com.
*(UB Journalism Student On Internship)

First published in The Post print edition no 01449

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