Tuesday, October 27, 2020
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Amba Boys Cleanse Image 

By Basil K Mbuye

Separatist forces commonly known as the “Amba Boys” have reportedly embarked on a mission around the Buea Municipality trying to cleanse their reputation which they say has been tarnished by some impostors claiming to be Amba Boys and extorting money from the public.

The Separatist forces have reportedly been visiting some localities in the municipality on supposed mission which they allege is to cleanse their reputation which they say has been tarnished by some rogues who have been posing as the Separatist forces.

On Tuesday, July 3, in Mile 16, the Amba Boys caught close to 25 impostors who have been terrorising the neighbourhood and giving them a bad name in front of the public. The 25 impostors were given the beatings of their life in front of the population.

The impostors had been reportedly going around tying red pieces of cloth on their hands and heads and also extorting money from the population in the name of being Amba Boys. The leader of the impostors succeeded to escape the wrath of the Amba Boys as his other members faced the music.

In Muea, some individuals allegedly went around as Amba Boys asking the population to give money to support the struggle. Unfortunately for them, the news got to the Amba Boys who had to react in order to cleanse their image.

An impostor whose name we got as Franklin aka Agogo was caught around the Catholic Church in Muea and given the beating of his life by the Amba Boys, for extorting money from the public.

Still in Muea, another impostor’s three fingers were reportedly chopped off by the Amba Boys around Black Field in Muea. In Bokwango, an impostor was caught while moving from house to house in the neighbourhood asking the people for money in the name of supporting the struggle.

According to observers, these impostors have been going around extorting money from the public and also giving fake threats. The impostors are said to receive money directly from the population with their hands, unlike the Amba Boys who always ask money offered them to be put on the ground before they pick it.