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Anglophone Crises: SDF To Stage Solidarity March In Douala Oct. 21 

By Basil K Mbuye

The frontline opposition party, Social Democratic Front, SDF, has announced a march in Douala on October 21 to show their solidarity with the Northwest and Southwest population in the Anglophone Crisis.

The information is contained in a release signed by the Regional Chairperson of the SDF for Littoral, Hon. Jean Michel Nintcheu, on October 6 and submitted at the Douala I Divisional Officer’s office.

“This demonstration aims to express our solidarity to the populations of the Northwest and Southwest Regions of Cameroon,” reads an excerpt of the release.

Since the beginning of the Anglophone Crisis, that has lasted for close to 11 months, the two Regions have recorded more than 100 deaths, so far, according to recent report by the Central Africa Human Rights Defenders Network known by its French acronym as REDHAC.

The Littoral SDF Regional Chair’s communiqué also stated that they will be a meeting at 1.00pm that will be followed by the solidarity march which will commence at the esplanade of the Bepanda Omnisport Stadium in Douala.

The activists will march from the Omnisport Stadium to Carrefour Agip passing through Marché Mboppi to Carrefour Deux Eglises – Carrefour Ancien Dalip and then Salle des fêtes d’Akawa where they will end.

Although the party has deposited their declaration at the DO’s office, some observers hold that the SDF will not be allowed to stage the solidarity march. This is because in the past, several demonstrations in relation to the Anglophone Crises have not received any approval in Douala.

SDF demonstrative marches scheduled for February and March this year were all denied approval: prominently the announced demonstration on March 4 in support of “Federalism and national unity” that could not take place.

Meanwhile, the September 22 and October 1 demonstrations which had a huge death toll, has seen reactions from UN, UK, AU, Catholic Bishops, Cameroon Baptist Mission all calling for a lasting solution to the crises which seems to be escalating.

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