Tuesday, October 27, 2020
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Anglophone Crisis : Bamenda III DO Escapes Abduction, Njinikom DO’s Office Burnt 

Fru Ndi, SDF National Chairrman

Medical Doctors, Traditional Doctors, Nurses Fleeing War Zone

Fru Ndi Visits Affected St. Martin de Porres Hospital, Gendarme Brigade …

15 Fetish Objects Found On Belo-Njinikom Road

Coffin With Bees Placed At Gendarmerie Brigade Entrance

Several Gendarmes Wounded in Bamenda, Njinikom

By Chris Mbunwe

From Belo to Njinikom Subdivision, there are fetish objects, either on the road or hanging on electric poles, aimed at scaring Government security and defence forces.

Ambazonia fighters have taken responsibility for the heavy presence of the fetish objects in these two Divisions.
The most dreaded of the objects was the one in a coffin with bees, mounted just at the entrance into the Gendarmerie Brigade in Njinikom.

The Gendarmes (about 20) told the National Chairman of the Social Democratic Front, SDF, Ni John Fru Ndi, that since they found the coffin with bees in the morning, they have not gone nearer.

The SDF Chairman called for restraint and a complete stop to the barbaric killings, burning and looting. He said when all this was happening, he was not around and, as such, had to visit houses burnt, take the temperature himself, because, very soon, he has to visit internally and externally displaced persons.

The Mayor of Njinikom, Terence Cha Bam, painted a gory picture of 80 women that were arrested a week ago, sparking tensions that culminated in the burnings by troops. He narrated how a pregnant woman in Ashing was delivered of a baby under duress.

“The good thing is that, all these women who were arrested, at last, were freed and the baby of the pregnant woman came out alive,” he asserted.

The Mayor of Bamenda III, Cletus Fungo, said the Amba fighters attacked the DO’s residence on Thursday night, started gun firing that took over 40 minutes and, during the gun fire exchange, a gendarme sustained injuries and was taken for treatment at the Bamenda General Hospital.

As the gun battle raged on, the DO and his entire family took cover inside the house and only showed up when the Amba forces had left. It is alleged that the intention of the Amba fighters was to abduct the DO.

At St. Martin De Porres Catholic General Hospital, the Mother Superior and the Matron said they are badly hit by the crisis.

“They burnt our hospital van, harassed us and out of the five medical doctors we had here, two who are Francophones, are signing out because of insecurity. Many medical staff are leaving the hospital. Even patients suffering from gunshots are unable to have access to health facilitates here. When they even struggle and arrive here, after treatment, they are unable to settle their bills, because of acute poverty.

The drop in the number of patients is enormous. We keep praying for peace to return and as a Godly institution, we are here to save lives on both sides,” Matron Jetro Nkenglefah said.

The Reverend Sisters thanked Fru Ndi for the gifts (rice and meat) he extended to them and told him the food will feed some mouths for weeks.

“We were not expecting any gifts from you, when we received the call from you this morning, informing us on your birthday anniversary, that you were going to visit and see for yourself what happened to us, beginning from the hospital crisis that started with population and culminated into the crisis in February 2018 and the climax in May, when they told us not to go and match on May 20. There is still fear in the staff,” the reverend narrated.

Fru Ndi announced to the Reverend Sisters that he is 77 and decided that, on his day, he should visit them and other subdivisions affected by crisis.

“You can now see wickedness of human beings on both sides. The Government is doing nothing to stop this crisis from escalating; instead, what they are doing now collecting money to meet those displaced without sitting to dialogue with them or concert with others like leaders of political parties. That is not the right thing, I came here not for this, I came to encourage you to continue with your humanitarian activities to people here and beyond. What touches you touches me,” Fru Ndi averred.

In Belo and Njinikom, ELECAM staff, civil servants and local Non-Governmental Organisations have vamoosed. The population has escaped into bushes. There is nobody to register on ELECAM registers. Weed has over-grown the offices and homes. Even shops that the security officers looted are abandoned ajar.

An inhabitant, Susan Kwelah Ngingu, a native of Tabenken who got married to a Njinikom native said: “My belongings; everything of our FCFA 7 million has been brought down by fire. It’s not Amba but these gendarmes. After setting my house on fire, they also set the house of Prof. Paul Nkwi on fire. Everything inside, except the Statute of the Holy Mary survived the fire.”

Glory Yuh told us that: “Two weeks ago were two weeks of hell, after we have been in hell for two years. I am standing here with only two shirts, three trousers and I am a father of four. What am I going to do?”