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Anglophone Crisis Briefs Military Square Up With Separatists On Buea Road 

Military Square Up With Separatists On Buea Road
Cameroon’s security forces on Friday, April 13, engaged in a campaign against suspected separatists on the Kumba–Buea Road to restore traffic after a blockade.
In the afternoon hours of that Friday, suspected separatists reportedly blocked the road halting human movement between Buea and Kumba. Vehicles either leaving Kumba or heading into the metropolis were affected.
It took the intervention of the nation’s security forces to restore normalcy along the said road. The incident is reported to have transpired between Ediki and Bombe Bakundu.
Despite palpable anxiety among locals, relative calm had returned to the area after the military stormed the zone. The Post could not independently confirm reports of casualties.

Denizens Defile Military Truck To Scoop Up Free Palm Oil
Hundreds of city dwellers of the Mile One neighbourhood in Kumba streamed to the road Thursday, April 12 with containers to scoop up palm oil from a tanker after it developed a leakage.
For over three hours, the young and old scrambled for the palm oil as it dripped from the tanker which stopped a few meter to Catholic Church Kumba Town. Even when a military truck sped pass the scene of the free-for-all oil, some city dwellers did not escape.
Over three hours, the population kept collecting the palm oil as the driver and others struggled to contain the leakage. The truck entered Kumba from the Mbonge end of town and was probably headed for Douala.

Gun Shots Halt Passengers
Same Thursday, reports of uneasy calm along some spots of the Kumba–Ekondo Titi stretch of road left hundreds of travellers stranded in Kumba.
Most of them who had no place to pass the night were stranded around the Kumba City Grandstand. All through the early hours of the day, drivers shuttling between Kumba –Ekombe and Kumba –Mundemba were forced to wait for calm to return.
By night fall same day, calm had returned to the area. A traveller, who arrived Kumba from Mbonge at 8:00pm, told The Post that there was exchange of gunfire which created fear. Our respondent said it was military interventions that succeeded to open the road.

Credit Union Manager Kidnapped?
There are equally fears that the developments of Thursday reached the shores of Lobe and Bekora in Ndian Division. Unidentified gunmen are feared to have kidnapped a man believed to be the President of a credit union to an unknown destination.
Compiled By Maxcel Fokwen

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