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Anglophone Crisis: Chiefs Remain In Hideouts Despite Asking Villagers To Come Out 

By Maxcel Fokwen
A handful of Chiefs across Meme Division, Southwest Region who surfaced at the Divisional office on April 4 accepting to cause their subjects to leave the forest for their homes have continued to live in their various hideouts.
Meme Senior Divisional Officer, SDO, Chamberlin Ntou’ou Ndong convenor of the meeting, had asked the Chiefs to return to their respective villages and convince villagers to return home too, for life to return back to normalcy.

The Administrator is quoted as having urged them to use their powers to reverse the trend of villagers escaping into the forests.Besides, they were also charged with submitting to hierarchy exhaustive lists of houses destroyed alongside the names of their corresponding owners.

The meeting, during which the Chiefs pledged to cause the return of villagers, was the first opportunity for Chiefs across Meme to gather in one place after a long while. The developments of the Anglophone crisis had made Chiefs targets, causing each one of them, to seek their individual refuge in different areas across the country.
In a smart move, the Meme Chiefs convened a meeting on April 5, a day after the SDO’s meeting. This permitted the transfer of power from Nfon Mukete to Chief Rudolf Duala Itoe.

Threatening text messages and the killing of their colleague Chief Johnnes Ekebe Niongo of Ngongo Bakunduon January 12 sent frisson through the spines of Chiefs.With these, the Chiefs felt threatened. None of them participated in the burials of their colleagues.

Every Chief took personal security measures, some escaped out of the Division. A couple of them sort solace in kumba. Their traditional symbols soon disappeared from their dress code.
Difficult task

Observers had since the meeting indicated that, tasking Chiefs to bring out their people from the bushes was a prodigious task. For one thing, some of the Chiefs indicated how challenging it is to the administration.They described what has happened across the Division as sacrilege.

Three weeks after that meeting, which raised the hopes of efforts towards ending human suffering due to the crisis, Chiefs are yet to show the administration what they have done.

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