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Anglophone Crisis Mars Youth Day Contributions 

By Maxcel Fokwen

Over 200 teachers summoned to a preparatory meeting at the Kumba City Council chambers on January 12 for the 52nd edition of the national Youth Day in Meme Division, moaned over contributions allocated to their schools owing to the Anglophone Crisis.

The teachers comprising principals, school proprietors, head teachers and other educational stakeholders started grumbling when proposals of what schools are expected to contribute towards the event were read.
A host of them challenged the amounts claiming that pupils and students are not coming to school. They said those who bother to come are yet to pay registration fee.

Others stated that such contributions may worsen the financial records of schools that have been unable to pay teachers since the current academic year rumbled off.
A Head Teacher, Andreas Agbor, told the meeting that, given the challenges which the Anglophone Crisis has triggered, the concerned ministries could sacrifice to sponsor the Youth Day celebrations.
Gladys Elonge, Head Teacher of a Government Nursery School, GNS, said most GNSs were not functioning. To her, GNSs could be taxed FCFA 5000 for the event instead of FCFA 10.000.

Clara Mbone, Principal, Government Technical College, GTC Teke, argued that schools in remote areas cannot cough out FCFA 30.000 for the Youth Day. Mbone averred that students are not coming to school. She pressed for the amount to be reduced to FCFA 10.000.

Anthony Fon, Teacher at the Community Development School, pointed out that schools like the Higher Technical Teachers Training College, HTTTC Kumba, cannot be left out of the contribution list.
In the midst of the debates, another teacher, John Akwo, stated that, Quarter Heads, Chiefs and Mayors should be tasked to contribute for the event. Akwo said often times, they are the ones who attend reception at Youth Day celebrations and in the process eat and drink more than those who give money.
In the face of the multiple cries, the 2nd Assistant Prefect for Meme, Hermia Njonje, came up with a reading of rates for contributions that sealed the amounts expected from schools.

According to her reading, Government Nursery Schools will pay FCFA 5,000; Primary Schools, FCFA 10,000; Government Secondary Schools, FCFA 30,000; Private Secondary Schools FCFA 20,000; Government High Schools FCFA 35,000; Higher Institutions FCFA 50,000; SAR/SMs FCFA 10,000; Multipurpose Youth Centers FCFA 10,000 and youth associations FCFA 5,000.The latest date for the payment of the contributions is January 30.

With the Assistant Prefect’s reading putting an end to the suggestions, a couple of principals were overheard stating that they will not pay even a franc. Some retorted that accounts have never been rendered to them on how money for previous editions was managed.

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