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Anglophone Crisis Seemingly Ends SWELA Meme Controversy 

By Maxcel Fokwen

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The lingering social tension in the two English-speaking Regions seems to have put an end to the leadership controversy within the Meme Chapter of the Southwest Elite Association, SWELA.

Before the outburst of the crisis at the close of 2016, the substantive SWELA Scribe, Joseph Etukeni Moki, sacked Prince Daniel Nasako Molondo as his Deputy in charge of Meme. The sacking was announced at the Kumba City Council, KCC hall, on April 15, 2016.

Speaking at that meeting, Moki said, as per Article 21(c) of the SWELA constitution, Nasako was dismissed from his position for misconduct. He asserted that going by the standing orders of the association, the Secretary General is the only person empowered to talk on behalf of SWELA.

After an in-camera meeting, a host of the KCC staff ended up being co-opted into the Divisional Bureau of SWELA Meme. Prince Ndoki Esoka Mukete was handed the relay baton, though he was not present.

Days after the Kumba meeting, Prince Nasako Molondo, in an interview granted The Post, fired back, insisting that he was duly elected during a constituted General Assembly and so an individual cannot, for any reason, decide to remove him from office.

He insinuated, back then, that people who want his demise may have instigated the sacking, forgetting that elite from across the Region and his native Meme voted him.

While the public was yet to know who was in charge of SWELA in Meme, a memo was published in the CPDM propaganda newspaper, L’Action, wherein Nasako signed on behalf of Meme Division.

Provisionary Bureau Missing

In the wake of the Anglophone Crisis, the Moki- supervised Divisional Bureau has since been missing. No one has heard from any member of that team.

Even as Nasako rallied youths at the KCC on August 24 campaigning for children to return to school, those of the April 15, 2016 bureau are nowhere to be found.

When The Post raised the issue of his sacking as Nasako emerged from the back-to-school rally at the KCC, his reasoning pointed to the constitution and the elite.

”The constitution does not give any place for dismissal until your mandate is over… I went in for a mandate at the General Assembly in Limbe and when it came to Meme, it was the turn of the Barombis, Barombi Mbo, Barombi Kang and Brombi Kotto, as far as Meme Division is concerned.

For the post of Assistant Secretary General, I was nominated by key elite; Mr. Caven Nnoko Mbele, Senator Andrew Otte, Nfon V.E Mukete, Bertha Ndoh of the Prime Minister’s Office and many others. I was nominated and asked what I think I could do if I was chosen as the Assistant Secretary General, I explained and introduced myself as a staff at the Governor’s Office at that time with a Masters in Public Administration and I was confirmed as the Secretary General.

It was the time for Ndian Division to take over, so he (Moki) too was chosen by people and nominated. So, all of us were elected and the constitution does not give right for anybody to come somewhere and say you dismiss someone,” Nasako told The Post.

Sack in Context

The context of the sacking stemmed from controversy over a February 17, 2016 motion of support. In that motion, SWELA asked Biya to seek re-election in 2018. The same motion, signed by over 15 persons, proposed Nasako to Biya as a possible replacement for Victor Nkelle Ngoh as Government Delegate to the Kumba City Council.

The signatories had observed, in the document, that the City Council was mired in conflict and mismanagement.

When the press exploited the document, the Meme SWELA Scribe wrote another letter stating that the initial proposal was for the position of Deputy Government Delegate and not Government Delegate.
Moki, back then, addressed a hall with less than 10 persons present – over 200 chairs remained empty throughout the meeting.

He told the audience that several persons made phone calls to his office over the controversial motion of support and he decided to act. One year after his Kumba meeting, Moki’s stand on Nasako’s leadership, is yet to be known.

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