By Kini Nsom

Paul Elung Che was, February 19, sacked from the post of Director of Treasury, one year after a Presidential Decree appointed him. A Presidential Decree no 2009/078 of February 19 sent the young and dynamic Elung Che packing from the post of Treasury Director.

Finance Minister, Lazare Essimi Menye, apparently heralded Elung Che’s departure when he made a disapproving remark about his performance recently. The Minister was addressing senior officials of his Ministry at a conference in Yaounde. During the meeting, the Minister singled the Director of Customs, Madam Libom Li Likeng née Mendomo Minette, for bringing more money to the State.

However, the Minister blamed the Director of Taxes, Laurent Nkodo, and Elung Che for failing to produce the expected results. Little wonder that Tax Inspector, Alfred Bagueka Assobo, was appointed to replace Nkodo as the new Taxation boss and Hamadou Sambo was appointed to replace Elung Che as Director of Treasury.

It is not known why Laurent Nkodo was sacked but, observers say it is not unconnected with the fact that he failed to bring sanity to the Taxation Department. Recently, Nkodo is quoted in newspapers to have said the Department is a hub of corrupt activities, in which tax collectors milk taxpayers and line their pockets instead of making available money into the State coffers.

The Department equally slipped into a crisis of mismanagement in which it was unable to pay its internal debts. Huge sums of money amounting to billions are owed newspapers for carrying messages for the department. Elung Che is equally indicted for failing to stop the 30 percent racket in the Treasury Department.

Another Presidential Decree, same day, appointed Mrs. Appoline Marie Abena Ekobena Amugu as Inspector General in the Ministry of Sports Physical Education. She replaces Mathias Mpabe who goes on retirement. Also, Presidential Decree no.2009/075 of February 18 promoted some 31 magistrates to higher ranks including Philemon Yang who is now the Deputy Secretary General at the Presidency.