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Anglophone Lawyers Request Referendum On Form Of Gov’t 

Lawyers after court session

• Request Common Law Magistrates To Join Struggle

• Elect Steering Committee of Common Law Bar Association

• Set-up Commission To Draft Federal Constitution

By Bouddih Adams

Cameroon Common Law Lawyers have proposed an amendment of the Constitution including a call for a referendum for the people of former West Cameroon on the form of Government that suits their aspirations.

Meeting at a General Assembly on January 13, in Kumba, the Common Law Lawyers, otherwise known as Anglophone lawyers, dissolved the Cameroon Common Law Council and elected a steering Committee of the Cameroon Common Law Bar Association, while calling on Common Law magistrates to join the struggle.

After taking into account all the resolutions and declarations of their Common Law Lawyers Conferences of May 9, 2015 and Declaration of February 13, 2016, and the resolutions of the Constituent Assemblies of the four Common Law Associations (FAKLA, MELA, MALA and NOWELA) the lawyers resolved:

“(1)That we ratify and approve all actions and or engagements by the Presidents and executive of our various associations on behalf of Cameroon Common Law Lawyers between the 13th of February 2016 till date,

(2)That the Cameroon Common Law Council is this day dissolved and the following members unanimously elected as the Steering Committee of the Cameroon Common Law Bar Association, CCLBA: Harmony Bobga, Agbor Balla, Sopseh Emillien, Eyambe Elias, Kemende Henry, Ebah Ntoko Justice, Mbokeh Divine, Njualem Charles, Sone Ngole Edward and Mbah Eric.

(3)These elected officials are designated our sole representatives in the various committees set up and or contemplated by the Government to seek lasting solutions to the grievances contained in our different memoranda

(4)That we remain resolute on the attainment of all the objectives contained in our previous resolutions and declarations

(5)That in this regard, proposed draft bills shall be presented to the Government on the amendment of the Constitution to accommodate the demands including a call for a referendum reserved exclusively for those who voted (Southwest and Northwest Regions) in the United Nations supervised plebiscite of 1961 on the form of Government that will best suit their aspirations and way of life this day.

(6)We reiterate the demand of the immediate and unconditional release of all persons arrested from the beginning of our sit-strike and carted away to Yaoundé and other destinations (not ascertained by us for now)

(7)We call on ALL Common Law magistrates to examine their consciences and join this struggle instead of sitting and determining suits in the absence of lawyers.

(8)We applaud the support of the Constituent Assemblies for the Monday, January 9, 2017 “Ghost Town” called by the Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortium and encourage all to continue to lend their support to the coordinated actions of the said Consortium

(9)A commission for the drafting of a Federal Constitution is hereby created and the following members elected thereto: Sonkwa Victorine, Tifuh Orchard, Mokam Jude, Buriya Atuabo Unuase, Ntuiabane John, Pascal Nanje Meloko, Nalowa Bih, Mbuya Gladys, Ajong Stanislus, Molongwe Imoh, Legenju Vitalis and Forbishi Edward Ndikum.

(10)That we shall reconvene in April 2017 in Mamfe to assess the level of implementation of this proclamation. The resolutions were signed by Barrister Obenson Greg as Chairman.”

Asked how they were going to draft a Federal Constitution without the other party (La Republique du Cameroon), one of the elected members of the Steering Committee of the CCLBA, Barrister Harmony Bobga said the Committee is to: “… prepare a position paper or proposal for a revisit of the failed Foumban Constitutional Talks aimed at putting in place a Federal Constitutional Foundation as the Act of Union and Constitutional framework for the sustenance of a two-state federal union.”

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