Tuesday, July 23, 2019
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Anglophone Struggle: Troops Ruin Dialogue, Shoot 4 Unarmed Civilians In B’da 

Police on Friday, January 13, virtually compromised negotiations between Government and Anglophone teachers’ unions currently going on in Bamenda, Northwest Region.

The police opened fire on a crowd of unarmed youths at Ntarinkon on Friday night seriously wounding three. This led to the suspension of the talks that was pushed to the following week.

The shooting was sparked by a meeting of the Goghomo-led adhoc committee and the teachers’ trade union leaders at the Northwest Governor’s Office, following the on-going strike.

On that Friday night, which was the second day of deliberations, a crowd armed with Bibles that had gathered at the Governor’s Office waiting for resolutions from the meeting, started singing and praying.

In reaction, the police ordered for all roads leading in and out of Up-station to be blocked.

The crowd interpreted this decision as an act of holding the trade union leaders hostage and went ahead to block the City Chemist Roundabout, Hospital Roundabout, Ntarinkon and other major areas in town.

The public reaction seemingly worked up the police who opened fire, seriously wounding three youths. The youths; Nguti Isponispa Cadua, 22, native of Mankon, was shot in the belly and the laps and is presently in a critical condition in the reanimation ward; while Ambe Edwin, 33, native of Bafut, was shot on the neck, hand, legs and laps and is in the accident ward, both at the Bamenda Regional Hospital.

The two were shot while riding on a motorbike around Ntarinkon towards Ngomgham. The third is said to be suffering from mental disorder and the caretaker refused to give the name.

Many more gunshots were heard in some areas of the town that night.

Meanwhile, on the same Friday night, some unidentified men broke into the ELECAM premises and burned down three vehicles.

The Customs Office was also broken into.

By Glory Mbuwil