Thursday, September 24, 2020
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Anglophone Teachers’ Trade Unions Criticise GCE Board Appointments 

By Chris Mbunwe
Anglophone Teachers’ Trade Unions have picked holes with the recent appointments carried out at the Cameroon General Certificate of Education, GCE, Board.
Meeting in Bamenda recently, the Teachers’ Trade Unions comprising of the Cameroon Teachers Trade Union, CATTU, the Presbyterian Education Authority Teachers’ Trade Union, PEATTU, the Baptist Teachers’ Trade Union, BATTUC, the Catholic Education Writer Trade Union, CEWOTU and the Teachers Association of Cameroon, TAC, hailed the appointment of the GCE Board Chairperson.
According to them, the appointment of the GCE Board Chair was in conformity with section I article (6) sub (3), which states that the “Board Chair shall be appointed by a Presidential decree.”
However, the Trade Unions are angry that the Prime Minister violated the statutes of the Board in the appointment of the new Registrar, especially article 21 (2) of section III which states that “the Registrar shall be appointed on the proposal of the Council…”
In their memo to the Prime Minister, the Anglophone Teachers’ Trade Unions stated that they are “disheartened at the disrespect of the provisions of 1993 text, “which was signed by one of your predecessors.”
The Trade Unionists said they are convinced that certain administrators do not care about quelling the volcanic internecine passions being displayed by Anglophones.
Government, according to the Teachers’ Trade Unions, cannot in such perilous times, afford the luxury of such a sensitive gaffe, when the nation is languishing in chaos, disarray and pain.
The teachers believe that this same appointment in the wake of proper procedure might have been welcome, but that Government must respect the laws it put in place.
The Prime Minister was advised to “get those responsible for inducing this error (without consulting or the proposal of the GCE Board Council) booked one way or the other, so that officials should stop trifling with the laws of the land that continues to whittle down and destroy the feeling Anglophones have of being at home.
The memo to PM was signed on behalf of CATTU by Valentine Seme, Stephen Afu Kwah (PEATTU), Gilbert Lakinyu (CEWOTU) and Valentine Tameh for TAC.
Most of the Teachers Trade Union leaders, told The Post that there are plans to have GCE questions printed and packaged in Yaounde this year under the supervision of the Ministry of Secondary Education.
“Of recent, the Minister of Secondary Education, Dr. Nalova Lynonga, visited the National Printing Press and expressed satisfaction that the outfit can print the GCE Examination papers.
According to the Trade Unionists, if Anglophones are not keen enough and resilient enough, the GCE Board will one day be transferred from Buea to Yaounde.