Sunday, February 23, 2020
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Angry PCC Christians Want Those Behind Missing Church Funds Unveiled 

Rev Massok calling for calm

Christians of Presbyterian Church Nsimeyong in the East Mungo Presbytery want those behind the missing FCFA 7million unveiled.

But the Secretary of the East Mungo Presbytery, Rev. Emmanuel Massok has appealed to them to remain calm as investigations to unveil those behind the disappearance of the congregation’s fund continue.

Rev. Massok was speaking on Sunday July 2, during a worship service in Yaounde.

According to him, Christians should be calm because it is the money that has been stolen and not their blessed hands.

“You need to calm and pray for God’s intervention. It is the money that has been stolen and not their hands that are blessed. Your hands are still there. Your blessings are there and the Almighty God will still continue to bless them,” Rev. Massok stated.

The Presbytery Secretary said the church took the matter to court because the church is an institution under the State, and it was very necessary to avoid the unforeseen.

To him, social pressure should not supersede the case.

In addition, Rev. Massok said, the outgoing pastor, Rev. Denis Kang, failed in his responsibility and duty as the Church Pastor because he was supposed to control his workers, especially the treasurer.
His action, Rev. Massok went on has totally gone against the constitution of the church.

Going by Rev. Massok, if NATCOM sends in their query and the Pastor is found guilty, he could be scrapped off from his duties and administration.

Meanwhile, the suspects, (the treasurer, cleaner, sound system technician and the guard) are on bail, given that; the case was already in court.

Furthermore, membership cards of Christians have been collected for control.

The Post gathered that there is tension around the church since the missing FCFA 7million from the congregation was discovered.

While investigations are going on, The Post learnt that the treasurer’s wife is quoted to have said that, “If the gods of Nsimeyong have let her down. Let the God of TB Joshua and John Chi save her.”
The child of the of the treasurer is also said to have attacked the Pastor’s wife.

Meanwhile, the church on Sunday July 2, also sent-off their Pastor but report indicates that a number of Christians walked out of the service claiming that the Pastor is an accomplice to the money that has gone missing.

Auditors from the Synod are still going on with their exercise. The exercise comes on the heels of another audits carried out onJune 21 by the East Mungo Presbytery team.

By Eulalia AmaboNchang& Etienne Mainimo Mengnjo