Thursday, October 1, 2020
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Animosity Heightens Over Southwest SDF Leadership 

By Maxcel Fokwen

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Under currents ahead of the election of a new bureau for the Social Democratic Front, SDF, in the Southwest on November 12, have triggered old political disagreements, The Post has learnt.

The election of a new executive is expected to take place at the esplanade of the Presbyterian High School, PHS kumba.

In Kumba, the issue over who sails through into the executive have reportedly split supporters of John Kona Makia, and the expected candidacy of the mayor of Kumba II Martin Forcha Ndobegang.

With last minute alliances being formed, the reality is contrary to popular expectation that the party in Kumba was going to put up a unique candidate and capture the position of Regional Chairman.

The Post gathered that delegates from the Tiko Electoral District are expected to vote in favour of the Kumba II Mayor. It was also gathered that a majority of delegates from Kumba are to be mobilising in support of a candidate from Ndian Division.

Observers hold that the intrigues of the last reorganisation of the various Districts in the entire Region will determine the tone of the elections.

While Mayor Daniel Mokoundo of Tiko is reported to have survived a storm of having his choice candidate to retain the District, his relationship with the likes of John Kona Makia and Boulevie Mbanya is reportedly fragile.

The two were part of a team earlier assigned to reorganise Tiko. The elections ran into riot leading to SDF hierarchy imposing a ‘one-man one-chair policy’. Back then, Mayor Moukoundo came on private television channels describing them as being chicken-hearted.

On that score, observers say, Tiko will back Ndobengang to succeed George Likiye if his candidacy goes through.

Back in Kumba, local alliances made to the elections of district chairpersons ended up bruising some Mayors and their candidates.

Reports of how some used FCFA 2,000 banknotes to influence elections’ outcome, remain fresh. In Kumba II, Cletus Ayaba, who reportedly enjoyed the support of Ndobegang, crashed in the race for the District.

There are equally fears over potential political game plans in the next elections as to who goes to Parliament from Kumba.

With the CPDM battling to close its disagreements, predictions are high that Makia, being an indigene, may oust Hon. Mbanya to pick up the Parliamentary ticket.

Beyond the calculations, The Post learnt that Districts which have SDF managed councils will send 12 delegates, while those without councils will send six delegates to the elective conference.

With such stakes, Kumba’s divided interest in the elections, many fear, could be the beginning of overt political problems for the SDF in the metropolis.

Opponents of the Kumba II Mayor argue that he was only recently readmitted into the party after the controversial suspension of 2013.