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Another Businessman Murdered In Buea 

By Elvis Tah

Unknown assailants at about 8 pm Tuesday, March 9, killed a car parts dealer, Samuel Eko Minge, in front of his house in Mile 16, Buea. The Post learnt that the macabre incident occurred when Minge returned home with his wife and were about to enter their house when the assailants struck.

According to his younger brother, Emmanuel Eko, Minge and his wife, Immaculate, closed their shop that night and headed to their house. When they got home, he said, Minge’s wife was about to insert the key into the door when the assailants surfaced from nowhere and attacked them.

"We were told that when the assailants appeared, they said, ‘we have been looking for you for the past three days and we have finally found you.’ They stabbed my brother and shot him and when he fell on the ground, his wife screamed but they hit her with the butt of the gun and she fell unconscious. They collected the keys to his house, shop and car and vanished," Eko said.

He said when the neighbours heard the noise, they came out but the assailants fired shots in the air to deter them, before vanishing into thin air. Eko said his brother and wife were rushed to the Buea Regional Hospital Annex while he was in a critical state and while at the hospital, it was discovered that he had lost a lot of blood. "When we got to the hospital, we were asked to look for a blood donor because none of us had the same blood group with him.

It took us so much time to find a person with the corresponding blood group that when we finally got one; it also took some time for the blood to be screened. By the time the blood was ready for transfusion, the doctor told us that our brother had left the world," Eko recounted. Eko told The Post that his brother’s death might not be the handiwork of armed robbers but that of an enemy. He said his brother had been in his line of business for close to 12 years and he had been very successful.

"His success might have attracted jealousy from his competitors and they might have masterminded his death," says Eko. The Post gathered that the deceased was married, with two children; a boy and a girl. When The Post got to the deceased’s shop, his brothers had changed the locks to prevent the assailants from using the keys later on to infiltrate the premises. They also sealed his house, took the car and kept it in their custody.

By press time, late Minge’s wife who had been unconscious was reported to be convalescing in a private ward at the hospital. There has been utter fear as insecurity increases by the day in Buea and its environs in recent times. A businessman in Molyko, who was killed by unknown assailants, is still fresh in the minds of the people as they ponder over the recent incident.  

There are also reports of many inhabitants in Molyko who were attacked by machete-wielding and gun-totting men as they were returning from the Molyko Trade Fair, in the wee hours of March 8 (Women’s Day). Meanwhile, the Post learnt that a complaint has been lodged at the police and investigations are going on.

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