Friday, November 16, 2018
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Another Cameroonian Film On The Silver Screen 

By Walter Wilson Nana

Increasingly, new films made in Cameroon are getting on the silver screen. The latest is “The Wedding Corpse Smiles”.

The film is set in the village of Kouck, Northwest Region of Cameroon, with its beautiful savannah, rivers, streams and appealing mountain ranges. It stars regular names in the Cameroonian film industry such as Tangie Suh-Nfor, John Menget, Samuel Chop, Beatrice Suh, Roland Muma, Samson Vugar and Christian Ndeh.

At the official launch in Buea recently, reviewer, Mathew Takwi, poetry laureate, said The Wedding Corpse Smiles demonstrates a typical African society caught in its own throes of traditional and cultural values and practices, which must not only be kept but must also be respected and withheld to the letter.

According to Takwi, the viewers have some exciting questions to provoke their anxiety as they start watching the film. His questionnaires include; “What makes a corpse to smile? How does it look like when a corpse smiles? How can a corpse wed?”

Takwi concludes in his review with more questions, with the objective of bringing to the fore the burning issues, which the viewer must find answers to by watching the film keenly. His questions are; “How is tradition conflicting with modernisation? Are basic universal human rights being respected in this third millennium?

Is the African society adamant to positive change? What is the fate of the African girl child in the society?” Beatrice Suh, Executive Producer of the film, has this to say; “I am highlighting the arguments for women emancipation. The film portrays the torture some young girls go through in the name of marriage imposed on them by their parents.

In the film, a girl is forced to get married to someone who has the age of her grandfather. Those are some aspects of the Cameroonian tradition, which we think should be eliminated.” Suh invited movie enthusiasts to promote the industry in Cameroon by buying the movie. “It is not only show business, we are out to educate our public,” she said.

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