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Another Cameroonian Movie To Be Launched Saturday 

By Benoit Kiven*

A new Cameroonian movie Not My Will, produced by Buea-based studio, Blue Drops, will be launched Saturday, August 7 at Chariot Hotel. Not My Will depicts the perils faced by the youth, especially those in the university environment. This is a film enacted from life experiences as narrated by the Director and Producer, Wegmuller Ikome Efokoa.

"When I was living in Molyko, Buea, in 2005, I saw the harassment of youth on several occasions. A lot of insecurity reigned at the time. I witnessed a scene whereby a young lady was shut on the leg, and nothing was done about it. These experiences motivated me to craft this movie."

However, the gestation has not been a bed of roses, according to Efokoa.  "We encountered some difficulties getting certain locations for the shooting. We took a lot of time and energy to choose a conducive site. At times, we were even driven away from some places. Nevertheless, the crew was not dampened in spirit. We were able to push through, thanks to the dedication of the various characters," he said.

Determined to have his dream come to fruition, the budding Director braved the odds, which go with the young film industry in Cameroon. These include among others the absence of sponsorship and up-to-date equipments.

"Professional cameras are very expensive and we did not have the means to get ours immediately. Along the line I had to sell some other equipment in my studio so as to get what I urgently needed. We had to borrow professional cameras from some people for shooting."

Upbeat about the movie sector in Cameroon, Efokoa has this challenge for Cameroonians; "Parents, potential sponsors, academic institutions and public authorities should assist their children build up their talents, if they realise any.

I told my father I had the inspiration of writing and producing something like a movie, but he did not believe me. Rather, he felt I was still so young and dependent." Not My Will is also a musical thriller with performances by some artists in a live musical concert.

(UB Journalism Student On Internship)

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