Tuesday, October 20, 2020
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Another Ghastly Car Crash Kills 3 

By Yvonne Massa Ako

Three persons have lost their lives in a ghastly car accident that occurred along the Santchou- Nkongsong Highway.
The victims were travelling from Bamenda to Buea by a Grand Jeannot bus on Monday May 1, when their bus had a head-on collision with an Amour-Mezam bus.

According to reports, one of the buses was struggling to avoid running into a truck that had a breakdown and was in the middle of the road.

The Buea Branch Manager of Grand Jeannot Agency, Sam Azuah, recounted: “I was not at the scene, so I don’t know exactly what happened. I just heard that the two vehicles collided. I was called by a passenger at about 1.40am. After the call, I left my house, went to my station and took a 30-seater bus and headed to Santchou where the incident had occurred and by 7.00am, I arrived the scene.

There was a truck stationed on the highway from Santchou to Nkongsong; towards Melong. It was raining heavily that morning. I think there was poor visibility; and by the time the two drivers realised it, it was too late. Their buses collided head-on. The truck was not touched

“I lost my driver; Blaisius Pinata aka Blaiso and another passenger on board whom we are still to identify. The other person who died was in the Amour-Mezam bus.

During the entire process, many people boarded private cars to continue their journey. For those who were hospitalised, I went to the various hospitals and paid their first aid bills. Some casualties, about 13 of them, were ferried to the Santchou District Hospital. Amongst them were two persons with fractured legs. 12 victims were equally taken to a Protestant Hospital at Lelem, while some others are at the Buea,Limbe and Bamenda Regional Hospitals.

In a nutshell, I spent almost FCFA 700,000 in the various hospitals for the victims that were hospitalised and for minor checkups, because when an accident occurs, it is good that everybody should be rushed to the hospital. They were examined and handed back to their various families.”

According to Azuah, a total of five buses left Bamenda to Buea that Monday, amongst them the bus that had the accident. He said the bus had on board 53 passengers including the driver and the driver’s aide, making a total of 55 persons, even though, he revealed, that the said bus normally carries 57 passengers.

He added that he received a call on Wednesday May 3, and was told that some people from Bamenda have arrived Nkongsamba to identify the corpse that was deposited at the morgue, while the treatment of those who were seriously injured is ongoing in the various hospitals.